Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ridgewood Sidewalk Sale!

Sale starts 8/2 and goes through Saturday 8/4. It's kind of sad with so many empty spaces in Ridgewood these days. I always found good deals at Ecco which went out of business at least within the last six months. But, I'm always excited for Ridgewood Bootery's sale stuff. Last time they had Geox and Umi for E at great prices. I forget the name of the place but one of them always has Vera Bradley stuff out for the sale days. VB isn't my style but I know all the tweens/teens carry them, as evidenced by the hoards of them walking around town. I got a skirt last year from Lily Pulitzer which was really colorful and cool (yes, I said Lily Pulitzer).

What I find really bizarre and feel the need to mention is that there are already two new and new-ish fro-yo places on Ridgewood Ave and Broad St- Red Mango and Koa Koa. But I also just saw a sign like three doors down from Koa Koa for Crave, ANOTHER fro-yo place. Hey- I have no objection to fro-yo. The more the better I guess, for the consumer. But I just don't know how they're all going to stay in business. I wish them all the best and I guess I'll be taste testing soon!!

Anyway- check out the sale days since Back to School is coming quick. You never know what goodies you'll find. Plus, it's awesome to shop local!!! Happy shopping!!

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