Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday hair

Another year has come and, it's obviously not New Years Eve, so it must be that I had a birthday. The big 3-8. I don't feel what I imagined being close to 40 would feel like. I'd probably still wear body glitter if I had somewhere to wear it. I don't know that body glitter is worth it for work or school drop-off.

BUT, I do think pink hair is worth it. For everyday. Even at 38. Even if some might say I'm "old", I don't have to LOOK old. I don't know- I'd go into Salon Azano and see Melissa & Brittany, the hairdressers, rocking purple and pink hair and it just looked I just didn't know what it entailed aside from it being permanent. As in, doesn't just wash out in one shampoo. It would grow out gradually like any all over color. I saw a picture of Katy Perry with an aqua colored head, that wasn't a wig, and I wanted to try. I just didn't know you have to bleach out any area you want colored, if you're a (natural) brunette. THAT scared me- I can't lie. When I think of bleaching out hair, I remember my best friend Ann and I taking a bottle of peroxide and making us both orange hair. I know that when I get highlights I'm obviously being "bleached" but I don't know- this was scary. But in my mind, "go big or go home" mentality was winning out and I thought, why not? I have no reason not to do it. Hair grows back which I learned when I cut off my long locks a few years ago in favor of more of a bob length do. I don't work in corporate America. I can't get fired. And I work in a creative business. So I took the plunge and did blue.

It wasn't the Katy Perry blue I had envisioned, but more like a dark purple-y blue. It was a bit shocking but really cool. I only did a little in the front and a lot underneath. I did it around Purim so a mom from E's school thought I did it for that. No, no. It was just for the hell of it. Then that grew out and I got bolder. I decided to do the whole top but this time in pink. Mixed with what was left of the blue, I got a little bit of both- the mix made purple in some spots and some was pink. Loved it.

This time, I went with just pink, whole top, and the color is perfect. But added this time, Don got new Eufora products into the salon that week. It's like the "couture" level for the Eufora line. I didn't even think they needed improvement. He used the Moisture Intense Shampoo & Conditioner & the Leave-In Repair Treatment. I have to say, I could totally feel the difference. My hair looked as smooth as glass. Like I had Keratin done, which I have not in like three years. It just felt so awesome I didn't want to wash it. This product line is a little more expensive than the regular line but you use less than with other products. I use their Bodifying Serum religiously and I've had the same bottle for more than a year. So yeah, you could buy cheaper stuff but it adds up if you run out of it once a week or whatever. I definitely encourage anyone in need of summer hair repair to at least just check out the product line at Salon Azano in Norwood. All the girls (and Don of course) are very knowledgeable on everything they use so it's not like you'd be left to just pick something and go. They want you to have what is right for your hair type.

This photo was done on August 3, 2012

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