Thursday, June 11, 2015


I had to text my *Italian* childhood BFF, Mondelli, to find out if gavadeel was the same thing as the cavatelli in cavatelli & broccoli, before I wrote this. She gave me the thumbs up, so here we go...

Eddie from Silk City texted me and asked if I like cavatelli & broccoli with chicken. I said that I think I like cavatelli (it's pasta, who wouldn't like it?)
, I like chicken, and I like broccoli, so I think we're good. It's not something I'd order just simply because I would feel like an ass trying to order it. In north Jersey, when you order, you say gavadeel & broccoli. As a Seinfeldian Jew and definitely non-north-Jersey-Italian, I cannot bring myself to be such a fraud as to say that to anyone out loud. I'd also feel schmucky saying cavatelli as well. So it's just not something I'd think to order. But if you want to make it for me and I don't have to say it- well, awesome.

He delivered the food, hot, at 6:30p. Perfect for us. There were three containers. One was the cavatelli, chicken and broccoli in sauteed olive oil, garlic, white wine, vegetable broth and Reggiano Parmigiano. Container number two had chicken lemongrass dumplings w/ Asian sesame ginger dipping sauce. Last, there was a salad with fig balsamic goat cheese, Mandarin oranges, sliced pear, dried pomegranates, and sunflower seeds over mixed greens with a honey balsamic dressing.

Who wouldn't want to eat like this? I didn't have to think about dinner. I didn't have to even think about what I wanted to buy, make, then eat. I like this whole, "surprise dinner" thing where he just brings whatever. It's kind of exciting to just have a meal arrive. He knows what I like and don't and my general palate. He's creative but doesn't go overboard knowing how basic my diet usually is on the daily.

I loved everything. I love salads like that. I'm not a huge salad fan regularly, because there is usually no fun in salad. But with that kind of stuff in it, it's always a treat. That's the kind of salad you look forward to eating. The dumplings were also amazing. I could've eaten them all. However, I did share them with B to be fair.

There is another mom in one of my message board groups that is going through breast cancer. Mastectomy, chemo, etc. A bunch of women on the board pooled money together to get her meals. They're using Eddie/Silk City to get meals to her. I think it's a great idea. When Jocelyn had cancer, she couldn't take one more ziti casserole or rotisserie chicken. To have someone deliver meals like I've tried, like real homemade stuff that is like getting a luxury dinner out, but in your home, is amazing. If you have to go through something so awful, even if you don't have all your appetite, it's a little silver lining to have a nice dinner to have if you're feeling like eating.

I highly recommend. I still won't order the gavadeel on a menu somewhere, but I'll eat it if Eddie's cooking!

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