Monday, November 20, 2017

Lips, Fat, Gums, & Vagina Eyes

I know there's irony in the fact that I love the "Mean Tweets" bit on Jimmy Kimmel more than anything. I look forward to a new Mean Tweets more than I do a good cupcake. However, I think it's because the celebrities reading them have a sense of humor about it. They're okay with poking fun at themselves and watching their confident reactions to the tweets make it all even funnier. As an aside, I didn't really enjoy when other celebrities read the mean tweets ABOUT Jimmy, for his birthday, because it's not as fun when the person isn't reading them himself. Except, of course, Larry David, because of his overwhelming laughter at what he was reading. That was funny as hell.

I watched some of the American Music Awards last night. Or, I should say, I put it on, and I was half listening. I just wanted to see Kelly Clarkson and Pink's singing collaboration. I didn't know they opened the show together. I thought it would be at the end. I watched as much as I could before falling asleep. I did catch Christina Aguilera do the Whitney Houston tribute. I thought her voice sounded great. I didn't really feel any kind of way about her look. She looked pretty. I was more focused on her voice and seeing whether she was going to sound like Whitney, or change things up.

On Wendy Williams this morning, Wendy talked about how mean people were about Christina's look on Twitter. Mostly about her lips. People were tweeting that she sounded good but she should stop getting lip injections. I'm sure there were worse comments. I thought Wendy was going to defend Christina or something but she jumped right in. She wasn't awful about it, but I just thought- Why?

Mean Tweets is a bit that came out of way people feel it's okay to just pick people apart, publicly, TO them. Or about them. I thought it was brave of Christina to take on Whitney. Watching all the singing reality shows, we always hear- you don't take on Whitney, Mariah, Celine, or Adele. People are especially protective of Whitney's memory, so that had to be a scary undertaking for Christina. Yet, people wanted to just attack her look.

How about Kelly Clarkson, who always is a powerhouse, yet, most of what people want to talk about is her weight. Luckily she doesn't seem to care, as she recently said in an interview when she was on Howard Stern. It can't feel good though! It would be better if people didn't find it necessary to tweet about someone's weight.

This movie Wonder came out, that I know is from a book. I don't know the book and didn't read it obviously, but I've seen some press on it. I gather the meaning in it is to be kind. To accept people no matter how they look. And I bet some of the people who tweet about Christina's lips, Kelly's weight, or Gwen Stefani's gums (I saw that in a Facebook group this morning) are going to go see the movie Wonder. They'll cry, they'll feel all warm and fuzzy, but then the message will be lost as they walk back into daylight. They'll go back on their phone and fire off a tweet about how People Magazine must have been blind to pick Blake Shelton as the Sexiest Man Alive this year.

Psst...Guess what? No one is agreeing on the Sexiest Man Alive. I'm not sure I've thought any of the men on the cover were the Sexiest Man Alive.  But I also don't CARE who People Magazine crowns this honor. But people get CRAZY about People's choice. CRA-ZY!

I guarantee that no one Mean-Tweeting would say any of their observations about appearance TO Christina, Kelly, Gwen and/or Blake. If they were to run into any of them, you know they'd be asking for a selfie.

Many will say it's no big deal. They're celebrities, this is what they signed up for. I just don't think that's true. All of these people have talent. They have talent that the average person doesn't possess. They're famous because their talent somehow brought them a platform to be in front of millions of people. I don't think just by being born with talent should make you a target for being what I'd call cyber bullying. Yes, they have the choice not to be on social media and not to engage, but the comments are out there, whether they read them or not. The comments get talked about on the news, in magazines, and who knows where else. It's everywhere and probably really hard to escape unless you live as a recluse.

I guess I just don't get the motivation to be mean just for mean's sake. I'm not immune to gossiping and judgement of celebrities. I read People Magazine and US Weekly. Yes, I have opinions about the clothes, the styles, and I have thoughts about how people look. The difference is, while I might have that conversation with a friend in passing, I don't feel the need to tell the world in a personally directed Tweet that someone's eyes look like vaginas (that was a Mean Tweet last week- don't remember to whom it was directed!).

Sadly, I don't see things changing. We are where we are. Pandora's Box has been opened and people feel like they can say anything behind a computer screen. It would just be great if people would realize that no one needs their public opinion on how someone else looks. I'd like to see all the photos of people who tweeted about Christina's lips. I am going to venture to guess that Christina, with or without lips, would still look better on her worst day. I thought she looked great.

Christina's Whitney tribute:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Really Bad Moms Movie

I saw A Bad Moms Christmas last night. I wasn't in any hurry to see it. I went because my friend C asked me to go and I love her. As social as I seem, if I have the choice not to go out, especially during the week, I choose not to go. No one wants to eat dinner with me at five-thirty or six o'clock and no surprise here, I'm highly routined. I'm well tucked into my couch by eight and my DVR is at 91% at all times these days. I went to the movies because I thought I'd try on being social, and I did think the last Bad Moms movie had some funny moments. I didn't relate to it- like blogger KatyKatieKate-, I agreed with everything she said. I did like the supermarket scene though. Maybe it was because I love that song.

 I've said- I don't feel guilt. I don't have Mom Guilt. It's not a "thing". I do me, and don't get bogged down in mom drama nonsense. I listen to a lot of it, I just don't want to be IN it. As a mom, I do my best some days, and some days I probably suck. My kid knows me as his only mom, and I've asked him, at times when he's annoyed at me, if he wants a different mom and he always says no. #winning

Ask your kids if they want a different mom. If they say no, take it at face value and give yourself a pat on the back. If they say yes, then your kids are assholes.  Simple as that.

I'm not gonna even lie- I love Carla. She's my favorite and the only one I could semi-identify with. I was kind of raised by wolves and I would make a gingerbread penis when everyone else is making houses. I know you're supposed to love Mila's Amy the most, but her character is a real crybaby wuss. If I had to pick someone to hang with, it's Carla. She gives no F's and frankly, neither do I. However, I think we're supposed to judge her as the worst mom of all. To me, only if the bad in Bad Moms is supposed to mean Bad-ASS. No, I don't think EVERYTHING she does is getting her an award for her parenting skills, but I think we're all lucky there are no awards.

Back to the movie- in the first one, I thought Amy's kids were lazy, spoiled jerks, especially because she did everything for them. I didn't get where in the end someone praised her on what awesome kids she has. I thought I missed something. They were rude and fresh to her and blamed her for anything that went wrong. Then she felt bad about it. Did not compute. The whole working mom vs stay at home mom thing is real and relevant, for a lot of people, and we're beat over the head with Mommy Wars, so I got the concept. Same kids this time, same little assholes.

This Christmas thing? The family thing? Nope, nope, no. I didn't get it at all. All three of their moms were awful and ridiculously cartoonish. I'm sad that the amazing Christine Baranski read a script like this and agreed to do it. I mean, they made her racist. She thought her daughter's boyfriend was the help. As a joke. Used throughout the whole movie. She and Mila Kunis had no chemistry together whatsoever. Susan Sarandon, I get why she'd do this movie. I think she really IS high all the time. I totally understand why Katherine Hahn would do this- it looks fun as hell to play Carla.

So, like I said, again, Amy's kids were whiny, spoiled jerks who turned on a dime. They seemed fine at first, then not. Nothing even made sense. The older set of mothers were terrible - Ruth was nasty, belittling, and showed no love the whole time. She just handed out expensive gifts to the kids here and there. There was no emotion. Yet in the end, when Amy finally stood up for herself like I wished she would the whole movie, and tried to give her kids the Christmas they asked for, everyone was pissed at her and she AGAIN, felt guilty, like SHE was wrong. NO!!! Her kids were angry that Amy kicked grandma out, said awful things to her, and stomped upstairs. So what does Amy do? Go find mom, apologize, and then bust her ass to make her house a Christmas wonderland. To quote her overused-supposed-to-be-funny line- "What the F*CK?!"

Ruth was a giant bitch and I can't imagine why the kids would talk about how much they love grandma, except for the gifts. We got no prior inclination that they ever even saw this woman. Or that she was capable of any kind of warmth. In 34 years, Amy never heard about her mother's childhood? Then Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher, The OC) swoops in and tells Amy that mommy was treated poorly as a child so she does the same and all should just be kittens and rainbows after?

Poor Carla had a completely absent mom, Isis, who only came around for money and then took off. She did the same thing this time. That was some heavy sh*t for a movie like this. Then in the end she came back because she felt bad, and said she was quitting gambling and giving her back money. Sure. Talk about having to suspend disbelief. I'll also just add, I was really uncomfortable with the stealing of the food from people outside the grocery store. I know it was supposed to be funny, but it just wasn't.

Kiki's mom was just a weird loser and it seemed even more strange for her never to say anything before that. It was just a lame plot line. She was the most cartoonish of all. I get the whole smother mother thing. It just wasn't funny because none of the things she was doing were even remotely relatable. I know a lot of co-dependent mothers and daughters. None of them have shirts made with the other's face all over them. Maybe I just know healthier co-dependent people?

The best part of the whole movie was seeing a lot of Justin Hartley naked. I liked the Carla/Ty romance but it did remind me of a copycat Fat Amy & Bumper (Pitch Perfect 2, an equally horrid sequel) I also always get a little nostalgic when I get to see Sandy Cohen. OH, and Christina Applegate's line- "Did she have a broken dick on her face?" was one of the funnier moments.

I think the movie was supposed to be about the pressure to make holidays perfect, specifically Christmas. I guess there are people out there that feel that pressure? I don't know. I'm glad I don't feel the pressure to make anything perfect. Perfect to me is being with people I love, and making sure there is good dessert. Beyond that, I certainly don't care about decorations, perfect gifts, watching a five hour Russian Nutcracker, or Kenny G.

All I have left to say on this is, that you can tell that these Bad Moms movies are written by men. There's no way any woman would write movies like these. I doubt women were even consulted for opinions unless it was about how hot Justin Hartley is on a scale of one to ten. The moral of this sequel was to just suffer as much shit as your mom/family can lob at you, forever, to make a holidays "perfect". No thanks! I'm good!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


This is a blog entry better told in photos....

After we left Catsbury Park last Sunday, we noticed this interesting little nook across the street. I'm calling it a nook because I don't know what else to call it. It was an empty lot between buildings that was once a small community garden. I guess that was abandoned at some point and new people decided to pay rent just to use it as an outdoor space to sell art made out of "junk". I say junk because I don't know what else to call it. The art that it's made from is really unique and cool, but it's made out of stuff like broken down, old plastic toys, laundry detergent containers, old instruments, tv sets, Halloween plastic fang teeth, and other things. It's really quite amazing.

I heard the proprietor talking a little to another family or to B but I was taking photos. He said there are lights that go on around dusk, but I think they're solar? Some kind of lights that can get wet. Someone asked the guy what happens when it rains and he said- "Everything gets wet". He'll move some stuff when the weather gets really bad, but most of it is okay to get wet.

If I had one of those Victorian houses that I could paint funky colors, I could see putting this kind of stuff all out on the lawn. I'd be THAT house. All this stuff alongside my very own Beyonce (five foot metal chicken). I can just picture it...

Instagram: gARTen713
713 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Top O'the Muffin To Ya

I hadn't been regularly in NYC, especially hanging around eighth avenue, in the thirties, in around two years. We're in the city for auditions weekly, but we're in and out. The area I just mentioned is where E's acting class is located. On eighth ave, between thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth streets. I was there almost every Saturday or Sunday, during the school year, from 2013 through 2016. I would see random homeless people here and there, closer to Penn Station, but not like the epidemic it looks like now! I even took some pictures because I didn't know if anyone would believe me. I think you need to see it to really feel how messed up it is that this is how people have to live.

Most people don't realize that it's not just as cut and dried as poor choices. There is mental illness, addiction, and other reasons that people are down and out and this is their only option. I don't really care WHAT got them there, E and I care that they ARE there and we feel a responsibility as humans to do SOMETHING. We may not be able to do a lot, but we can do more than just step over them.

When we get there, no matter where I park, I'm seeing full on mattresses on the sidewalk, homeless of all ages, sizes, colors, ethnicities, at varying stages of deteriorating mental health or drug abuse. It's hard to walk by people with signs saying, "Help me", with my eight year old child, who thinks we should all contribute to buying them homes, without doing something. #bornsocialist

Years ago, I think I even wrote about this- I saw one of those tv shows, like Undercover Boss, but not that, where a millionaire would go into a depressed area for a week, listen to people's stories, then give people in the community money to do good with it. On one episode, there was a guy who made "blessing bags" and gave them out to the homeless. These are small bags with trial size necessity toiletries, socks, change, etc. After I saw this, I started making these bags. I don't use the word "blessing" because as an affirmed atheist, I'm just uncomfortable using that word. I don't like it. Whatever. They're bags of useful stuff for people who have nothing.

I'd amassed a lot of hotel samples and also the ones from magazine ads/coupons. I don't know why- I never go anywhere I'd need trial sizes. In my mind, I might. Anyone that knew Rita, knew that she was a hoarder. B would claim that I'm one as well. But anyone who knew my mother could attest that I am nowhere NEAR that level. #shehad100000vhstapes

I keep these bags in my car and when I see someone on the street, on Rt 46, in Paterson, wherever, I stop my car and hand them out. I only have two bags left. Of course I went overboard and went rummaging through my house for more things. Each bag has most of the following items: scarf, hat, gloves, socks, protein bar, shampoo, conditioner, hand/body lotion, travel toothbrush, toothpaste, four quarters, and other random things. Some have a tampon, some BB cream, and other sample items. Like I said, I'm down to two bags like that. Then I made some small Ziploc bags of just two or three granola or protein bars, a one time use shampoo & conditioner set from magazines, and a bag of Halloween pretzels. It never feels like enough though.

E has class now from twelve-thirty until three o'clock. His acting school is Actor's Technique NY otherwise known as ATNY. They've paid it forward to us, in many ways, over the years and I can't thank them enough. They've allowed him to come to class and workshops for free, for a discount, and on payment plans when I haven't been able to swing it. They helped him get an agent, then when dropped by said agent, picked up by a new manager. They've coached him and made him better at the craft of acting. We are very grateful for them.

I also feel like he's a lucky kid to even be able to take acting classes. We're not on the street. If he's going to be in class for two and a half hours, I may as well be productive instead of sitting on my behind just playing on the internet. I can also use the steps (walking). During his class, I walk outside the front door and there are numerous homeless people within spitting distance. I walk up and down from thirtieth street to fortieth street between seventh, eighth and ninth avenues and just hand stuff out. Trust me when I say I've learned that the smaller bags are a lot easier to trek around with. I was sweating last week with what I brought with me.

I stopped in this place that looked new-ish, called Market Crates. The address is 224 W. 35th St. It's like a healthy food store but not overly healthy where it's out of my comfort zone. They still have muffins and desserts and such. Their tagline on their menu is "Greens & Grains, Responsible". I went in to get a salad. I ended up talking to Elona, who was ringing me up, who is a cute young girl who I believe is originally from Kosovo. I mentioned what I was doing with the bags and she immediately smiled and asked if I wanted more stuff. I asked what she had because I really was loaded up like a pack mule. She had muffins that I guess they'd be throwing out at day's end. I asked her if I could wrap them individually, because it seemed weird to just hand out uncovered muffins. And what if they wanted to save it for later?

She asked her manager (I think that's who it was) and they set me up at a table, with the big Saran Wrap cutter, and just let me wrap the twenty or so muffins, of all kinds, they had to give. I wrapped, thanked them, and went on my way. #justcallmethemuffinlady

They're super nice in there, so I'll be going back there to get my weekly Big Salad. In NYC, trust is hard to come by. I could've been out selling the muffins on the corner and they'd never know. For people to just give you anything is rare.

Of course there are also those "Only in NY kids, only in NY" Cindy Adams moments too, like the week before, when I handed a lady in a wheelchair a bag of healthy snacks, she looked it over, looked back at me and said, "I don't like it, but I'll take it....". To which, I just laughed and told her to have a nice day, because it totally was a Cindy Adams moment for my archives. The people I handed the muffins to were super thankful though. One guy even told me he loves me.

I'm writing this not for accolades or not to illustrate that an atheist can do just as much good as those who pray to a God, but to let you know that I'm almost out of stuff. If you unnecessarily collect trial size toiletries, feel like going to the dollar store and/or ripping samples out of magazines, and making some of the smaller bags - I'll take them if you want to drop off to me, or if you're nearby for me to pick up. I use Ziplock or whatever kind, quart or sandwich size bags, just not the fold over kind. I like the bags to close. And then any of the above things I mentioned, you can put in the bags and I'll take them when I go on Saturdays.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Broad Street Dough Co

I mentioned in yesterday's post about Catsbury Park Cat Cafe that we originally came down the shore because I'd been wanting to try this doughnut place - Broad Street Dough Co. It's in Oakhurst and I knew that was by our shore haunts during the summer, but we'd never been able to make it there in our limited time on Sundays. We had E's swim meet in Perth Amboy, early last Sunday, so we knew we were more than halfway to Oakhurst from home and could easily make it down there.

It did not disappoint. From the decor to the doughnuts, it was top notch. It's in a big shopping plaza on Rt 35 so it was tricky to find, but happy we did! I guess doughnuts are the craze now. There are a few doughnut places that have popped up down in that area, so I guess I'll just have to work my way around.

In the little industrially decorated shop, it was BUSY! We were there for at least thirty minutes, getting the lowdown on the flavors, how they're made to order, etc. I'm loving this "made to order" scene. At the one gourmet or specialty-type doughnut place by me, it's a first come, first served kind of thing. You snooze, you lose. You have to hope they still have what you want in stock. At Broad Street, you pick what you want and they make it there. There isn't that rush to get there before the selection is all picked over. That happens with cupcake places too. Come toward the end of the day and you're stuck with whatever is left. With cupcakes, since the cake flavors differ, you can't really make them order or you'd need like ten ovens. With doughnuts, if you start with a plain base and just dip, fill, sprinkle and drizzle, you can make them to order.

The owner, a pretty blond whose name I didn't catch, was friendly and more than happy to discuss all our doughnut options. She accommodated all my packaging needs, since I was bringing doughnuts to two different Bergen County families. Just call me Doughnut Santa. She even did an "Instagram Story" with us. I don't know how to do that, or how it works, but now B wants me to learn for our store. But I did take a screen shot of it and now it's on here.

All the employees were super nice and helpful. You can add or subtract toppings even on the "specials". I got a cookie dough special but it comes with non-pareils on it. I hate those. I don't like the way they feel on my teeth. They made E one with and me one without.

I also got another special which was vanilla icing with Fruity Pebbles and a "Shrewsbury Fields" which was like a Strawberry Glazed. I'm not sure which was my favorite but I liked them all.

They offer many doughnut options including Vegan, Gluten Free and Parve. They are certified Kosher Dairy, under JSOR Supervision. While they are not a nut-free facility, they can accommodate most nut allergies since their actual doughnut is made without nuts.

We didn't over-buy like we did with Duck Donuts at the end of the summer. We realized then that doughnuts don't really "keep" like cupcakes do. They're more something to eat right away- even better when they're warm. I didn't try to make these last- we got them Sunday and they were finished by Monday so I can't say whether these would keep better than the other ones. I suspect that these specialty, fresh doughnut places have less preservatives so it's not like a Dunkin' Donut that you can probably put in a time machine and it would be fine. But who wants time machine doughnuts? I'm happy to keep going back for fresh, made to order ones!

Sunday's specials

Monday, November 6, 2017

Catsbury Park

I'm not ignoring what's going on in the world, as horrific things just continue to happen. If you're a regular reader, you know I've been having an aversion to writing for a long time now because I don't know quite how to balance what's going on with writing about other stuff that's...lighter. I don't feel light so it's harder to write light. I'm going to try. I've found or been to some really cool, cute, weird, interesting, and/or inspiring places over the past few months. I've taken pictures, I've spoken to the proprietors, and I just have all these pics, names, and quotes, floating around, taking up space in my phone. So, I'm going to start today, not ignoring current events, but writing around them as much as possible and try to bring you what you want to come here for- cool stuff deemed cool by a self-proclaimed and friend named - "know it all". I'm not going in order of finding or experiencing, but just what I feel like writing about.

Yesterday, E had a swim meet in Perth Amboy. To us, that's "south jersey" and also to us, that means "down the shore" and down the shore to us means no further than exit 102 on the Garden State Parkway. That other "South Jersey" is another planet and we don't go there. *I will never order "pork roll" because it sounds gross. It's Taylor Ham.

We had to be at the meet at around eight o'clock in the morning because it was just the ten and under kids. The older kids would be starting at around eleven-thirty or noon, so we knew we'd have the rest of the day free and already be halfway to our favorite shore towns. I'd been wanting to check out a doughnut place (going to be a separate blog entry for tomorrow) in Oakhurst called Broad Street Dough Company. B also thought of the new cat cafe in Asbury. We thought E would love that, and when I'd suggested going to the one in the city, back last year, B looked at me like I was crazy and said a resounding, no. Now that B has fallen in love with his "Egyptian Princess" (he's been calling her that), Kitty High Five, he was game to go to a cat cafe.

After the doughnut stop we continued on to Asbury Park to go to the Catsbury Park cafe. We had NO idea what to expect. B had been picturing a restaurant where cats are just roaming about as you eat. He still thought that was kind of gross but his interest was piqued. E was super surprised when we walked in. We hadn't told him we were going there. We just said that we were going somewhere Daddy said he'd never go. E thought we were going to Chuck E. Cheese. So he was a hair disappointed at first.

We walked in and I have to say- the first thing I noticed was that the place is immaculate. If there was worry it would be like a gross, crazy cat lady's house, that would be dead wrong. It's two sided- the cats are separated by a glass window on one side, and it's a cafe on the other side. It's set up like a Starbucks - a bar where you could sit and do work and just look at cats from afar, have a coffee or cupcake, and veg out.

There's a sign up on the door to the cats that says to check in before going in. You go to the food order desk and tell them you want to go in. They asked if we had an appointment. We did not. They've only been open since the weekend after Labor Day so they said it was really busy since opening. Appointments were necessary to allow for as many people to visit with the cats as possible but with safety for the cats and the people. It's slowed down since we're heading into winter and we came on a rainy Sunday. So an appointment wasn't really necessary.

Catsbury Park Cat Cafe is a 501(c) non-profit. They charge you to go in to hang out with the cats- the money goes to the care of the cats. It cost us $11 per adult and $5 for E. The cost is less during the week. I didn't even realize that cost was for thirty minutes because if they're not busy, they don't hold you to that. We were in the cat lounge for a little over an hour. Maybe longer.

They have two people working in the cat lounge, just making sure everything is cool with the cats and people. The girls working yesterday were lovely. Very nice, helpful and happy to talk about cats- anecdotes and cat care.

They keep around ten to fifteen cats there at a time and the ones we saw were the sweetest cats. Most of the cats come from the Monmouth ASPCA. On the wall it says that they've had seventy-one adoptions and I was amazed. I spoke to DJ the owner, and he said that's how many he's had- they've had more like thirty-seven in the two months the cafe has been open. I asked how he got into this. He said he wasn't into cats, like B. That he has a girlfriend who asked him, five years ago, to feed her two cats lunch. He didn't want the responsibility. He did it anyway and the cats became his best buds. Fast forward to how- he knew he wanted to open a cat cafe but just didn't know how long it would take. So he started with being a rescue and it went from there.

Being in Catsbury Park for over an hour, I totally saw what an awesome way this is to get people to adopt. By the time we were getting ready to go, both B and E were talking about getting a second cat. What?? Where is the husband I used to know?? Of course they both are game for another cat being that I do all the cat stuff. Seriously though, you can't help but fall in love with the cats when you're sitting there petting them and hanging out.

B getting his cat on
It's very different than just going to a shelter, looking at cats in cages, picking one because it's cute, going in a room for a few minutes to meet and then having to make a snap decision. You really get to see the cats personalities this way. You could go back for a week and see the same cat without the pressure of worrying that they're in a shelter and may be on borrowed time. That's not to say you shouldn't go to a shelter to adopt. This is the only cat cafe in New Jersey at the moment. I'm just saying this is a very ideal situation for the cats and prospective families. What if you could get your significant other, who is on the fence about a cat, there, with less pressure than going to a shelter where the only purpose would be to adopt. This is a low key way to get someone to see cats in a different light, easing them in.

There was one cat that looked like Kitty. She is front-declawed, like Kitty but already fifteen, a senior. E wanted to take her home, but I'm not ready for another cat, and we're all just not equipped to take care of a cat that may have only a short time left. If we were going to get a companion for Kitty, I want it to be younger and from somewhere nearby so we can figure out if Kitty can even have a cat companion. To be fair to Kitty, she was there first and I can't take a cat from down the shore only to find out it's not going to work for her. So E was crying because he felt like no cat, especially one so sweet, should spend their little time left without a family. If you're in the market for a senior cat, go check out Kali. She's really sweet, front-declawed, and E thinks she NEEDS a home as soon as possible. Resident Cats

If you find yourself with some free time down in Asbury, definitely check them out. I saw they had cupcakes, but I didn't try any, as I'd already eaten doughnuts somewhere else. Like I said, the food is separate from the cats, although you can bring your food and drink into the cat lounge if you desire.

Catsbury Park CafĂ© 
Monday – Friday 11am – 8pm
Saturday 11am – 10pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

Catsbury Park Cat Lounge
Monday, Wednesday - Friday 12pm – 7pm
Saturday 12pm – 9pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm
Cat Lounge is closed Tuesdays for cat naps

Kali just resting