Friday, August 10, 2012

Dancing Feet

Well, unfortunately, the summer is flying by. I don't even know where it went. I didn't work last summer but still had to find ways to entertain my toddler so maybe it just felt slower. But since I've been working the weeks just seem to fly by before I even know what hit me.

Before we know it fall will be here. And maybe your child(ren) will be going to school. But if they're only going to be in school a couple of days a week or a half day, you need or want to find some extracurricular activities for him or her. That's the boat I found myself in last year. E was going to school three days but what to the other two days? He's not a sit around and just hang kind of kid. He needs constant activity. And once I realized that, school was booked on the other two days of the week. I needed SOMETHING. It also had to be something that wasn't "Mommy & Me". He was way over that stage at 2.5 years old and frankly, so was I. His behavior when I was in the classroom with him was atrocious. It was because he outgrew the classes. He wanted to assert his Independence.

I thought of ballet- not the first choice for moms of boys, I know. But I'll tell you why I did it. First- I didn't have to be in the class but there is is two-way mirror to watch the class. I appreciated that because I wanted to SEE him, I just didn't want to be IN there. Second, the natural choice seems to be sports. And sports are fine. But before he gets into all that, while I still get to make choices for him, I wanted him to try some activities that are different. Be exposed to the out of the ordinary.

I went looking for a school and believe it or not, I had a hard time finding one that would take boys his age or one who would even get back to me. I finally got to Wyckoff School of Dance and they accepted him no problem. He was in a class with four other girls that were half a year to a year older than him and he fit in beautifully. He was focused and on his best behavior the entire year. I was so proud. We're signed up again for the new year and very excited to go forward. I don't know if he'll do dance forever, but for now, he's really into it.

So, I just want to promote Wyckoff School of Dance and encourage anyone thinking of sending their boy or girl to dance class to try them out. And please use me as a referral (Tara Diamond-Kule) - I get credit for that!! But, obviously I wouldn't be promoting them if I didn't send my own kid there and think it's great. Credit or not, I think they're great.

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