Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dance through Summer

E is signed up for eight weeks of full-time camp this summer or I'd be totally doing one of these camps. Wyckoff School of Dance has been great for him. He loves it, the teachers are caring, and it's been really low key.

Summer Wee Dance Classes and Camps
Register now through April 27th!
Attached you will find summer camp schedules, once a week class schedules and registration forms
Feel free to call with any questions 201-848-8350
Thank you
Wyckoff School of Dance
Summer Dance Camp Schedule 2013


A fun filled camp with summer themes includes



Acro Dance

Arts & Crafts

Snack & Juice Box

End of session show each week for parents!

All camps are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:30-12:30

Camp Ages 3-4                                   Camp Ages 5-6
 Session 1:
June 11, 12, 13                                             Session 1: June 25, 26, 27

Session 2: June 18, 19, 20                                              Session 2: July 16, 17, 18

Session 3: July 9, 10, 11                                                 Session 3: August 6, 7, 8

Session 4: July 23, 24, 25                                               Session 4: August 20, 21, 22

Session 5: August 13, 14, 15

Registration Deadline April 27th

Wee Dance Summer Classes Schedule 2013

5 weeks of classes 1 day a week

Session 1 Mondays:

June 10, June 17, June 24, July 1, July 8

Session 1 Fridays:

June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12

Session 2 Mondays:

July 22, July 29, August 5, August 12, August 19

Session 2 Fridays:

July 26, August 2, August 9, August 16, August 23

Fun Summer Themes Including:

The Little Mermaid

End of Session Show each week for parents!

Les Petites Monday 10:00-10:45
Friday 10:00-10:45

Baby Ballerina
Monday 10:00-10:045
Friday 10:00-10:45

Wee Dance I
Monday 1:15-2:00
Friday 1:15-2:00

Wee Dance II
Monday 3:30-4:30
Friday 3:30-4:30
Wee Dance III
Monday 3:30-4:30
Friday 3:30-4:30  
Class Descriptions:
Les Petites
(18-23 months)
Baby learns little dances!

(Accompanied by an adult)

Baby Ballerina
(2 years old)
Fun introduction to dance basics

Wee Dance I
(3 year olds)
Fun introduction to Ballet & Tap

Wee Dance II 
(4 year olds)
Pre-school Ballet Tap Jazz

Wee Dance III
(5 year olds)

Registration Deadline April 27th

*Classes subject to change based on enrollment revised 3/23/13


*Classes subject to change based on enrollment issue date 3/23/13

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Painting Party FUN-Raiser

Definitely a cause I am passionate about! This sounds super fun if you can attend!!

Here's a link to register online. Just click on the date May 31st!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pussification of a Generation

Seriously. This is the only title I can come up with. WHAT is going on here? I don't want to be all, "We walked to school in ten feet of snow, uphill and back, with no shoes in five degree weather..." but the truth of the matter is that even if we complained, we still did it. We all walked to school, in snow, and you waited, with baited breath, till like six o'clock in the morning for that call from the PTA or whoever. But it had to be SIGNIFICANT snow. I know it had to be at least two inches and it didn't happen all that often. It was a "treat". Same with delayed openings. I feel like every other week there is a delayed opening. This past week, Tuesday, there was one for some public schools in Bergen county. I had a doctor's appointment in Oradell. I left my house in Glen Rock at 8:35 for my 9:15 appointment. Guess what? I got there at 9:05a- the EXACT same time I would've gotten there sans snow and rain. Meanwhile, the kids in Ridgewood and Glen Rock had another delayed opening. I know there were other towns too- just don't know off the top of my head.

I'm baffled. And annoyed. It's bad enough no one is allowed to walk to school anymore. I don't think you're even allowed to drop kids off at elementary school without physically walking the kids inside. How are kids supposed to learn any street smarts or coping skills if they're not allowed to do anything? Or made to go to school in a little bit of snow and rain? Last I checked, no one melted from snow and rain. I've heard all kinds of excuses as to why this is happening with school and I don't buy any of them. We barely used car seats when I was a kid. I'm a child of the 70's- I haven't looked it up but I'm not even sure all cars had to have seatbelts. Now- we have "run-flat" tires that allow you to get a flat and still drive 80 miles at 55 mph. If we were ever able to drive well in the snow, it's NOW. Tiny women driving Escalades and ginormous Infinities. I drive a MINI COOPER and I can get around.

We have car seats till we're 5ft tall and 120 lbs. I know 30+ yr old women who are barely 5ft, 120 lbs who by today's standards could probably use a carseat. So I cannot fathom how a little bit of wet snow shuts down the schools all over the land. We live in NEW JERSEY. We are supposed to get snow. And while it may be an odd, more extreme weather year than it has been, I feel like it was MUCH colder in the past, for longer, and we just dealt with it. Here's your hat, gloves, scarf and lunch. Have a nice day. Your walk home will be brisk so walk fast! See ya later! That's how it went down.

In 1987 or 1988, I was 12 or 13 and Ann and I were down at the brook smoking stolen cigarettes of my moms. Now, we'd still be in a booster seat. I'm not knocking safety- trust me. I get that we have better technology, we know more, and we should be keeping our kids safe. I just feel like they're being robbed of the chance to know what it is to fuck up and figure a way out of it or how to fix it. I was a relatively "good" kid in comparison to some I knew or were friends with. But I still messed up. A lot. I got in trouble and I had to cope. I had to find ways to make it better, make amends, or just live with the consequences. Some were big and some were small consequences, but I knew what consequences were. I fear the kids who turn into adults who do not.

I have a child. A small-ish one. But I plan on actually having expectations of him that involve him doing stuff for himself, and doing stuff that he may not like, including possibly getting wet on the way to school. He'll live. Granted, yes, I know I was pretty much raised by wolves, but in the end, I'm kind of thankful for it because I know how to cope with the twists and turns life throws at me. I'm not neurotic and I don't spend a lot of time worrying. Not because I'm better than anyone else, but because I am aware there is stuff I can't control and I also know how to deal with adversity. I'm SCARED for the adults of tomorrow because I don't think they are being allowed to fall, to make mistakes, to make mistakes and LEARN from them. This isn't a case of "well, your kid is four years old. Just wait till he's _____________". No. I know myself. I by no means want him to "suffer" but I want him to be self-sufficient. I don't want him to be in his late 20's with no direction, living in my basement. Or in his 30's not being able to make a decision without mommy.

I've been hearing lately about parents doing their kids school projects. This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy. It started with the snow, then devolved into this project thing. E had a project recently. He sat and had to glue 50 little pieces of cut-outs to a poster board. We had HIM do it. Imagine that? He's four. And he was able to do it. Did I help? Sure. I cut out all the pictures. I told him to pick some. But, he's like his mommy- he needed ALL the cut-outs. So that meant he had 50 pieces to paste. Oh well. He did it. All of them. Were they all centered and perfect? No way. I asked him to write his name in the middle and the year. Was it beautifully written? Nope. Was it legible? Yup. And he felt very accomplished- a feeling I can't imagine many kids are getting to feel. Do you think the teachers don't know whose parents did their project and the ones actually done by the kids? No one is really "helping" their kid by doing that. Yes, it was one beautiful project or ten. But in the long run, who is going to do their work in college or their real job? Are they even going to get a real job? Because why bother? Working is a pain. You might get wet on the way there....

Do I have to say I love my child somewhere in here? Because I'm sure there are some that would think I must not if I'm willing to let him fail on his own or walk three blocks in the snow when I have a perfectly good car to take him in. Or better, maybe we can just stay in bed for the day instead of school, because, "he'll only be young once...". YES! That is exactly my point. He's only going to be young once. This is the only chance I have to hopefully turn him into more than just a functioning member of society. I have expectations that he'll be productive, ambitious, driven, and goal oriented. The only way I know how to do that is to make sure I'm not a 24/7 safety net. He'll always be built up vs torn down and he'll know that I will help him find his own way if he goes off his path, but that I'm not going to do it for him and I'm not going to contribute to what I consider to be the extreme pussification of his generation.

And actually, it might be a few generations with this problem. Maybe it's a #firstworldproblem kind of thing? I don't know. I've seen parents complaining that school called them "too early" about cancelling school in the snow. It "woke the whole house!". Really? The next sentence was- "If you need to find childcare at 4:30a then that's a problem". Well. I almost don't know (publicly) what to say to that. Is it assumed that we all just stay home and do nothing all day? For people who commute to NYC, it's feasible that they may have to leave their house by 6:30-7a. So yeah, they may need to start thinking about childcare at 4:30a because they don't have the luxury of just not going to work. I think I actually said out loud, "Are you f'ing kidding me??" when I read that. It was one morning. So you got an early call. Figure out how to get a nap in if you were woken up too early. I stayed home with E for almost three years. I knew how to grab a nap if I needed one. I'd feel like a giant douche complaining that I got woken up too early from a school cancellation phone call. Turn off the damn ringer if you don't want to be woken up. This isn't brain surgery or what I'd consider a real problem. If they don't call early enough, it's a problem, if they call too early it's a problem, if they don't call school, it's a problem. Then when there is school till August, they'll complain about that too. So I know where this lack of coping is coming from....

And THAT, folks, is my rant of the day.

Edit: I will edit that Hilarie, the director at GRJC Nursery School is a total rockstar when it comes to keeping our kids in school. Delayed opening? What delayed opening. If public school has delayed opening or early close for weather issue, she still makes sure those kids are in school for whatever amount of time they're supposed to be in there. So kudos to Hilarie for being a "weather warrior" and making sure our pre-schoolers know that it's ok to leave the house on time and be in school in the snow. I appreciate it greatly. They're 2, 3 & 4, a "full day" is 9-2:45 which most kids do, and her emails say- "Make sure to send your kids in with approprate snow gear as we go outside daily, even if it's for five minutes". Take that!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Breastfeeding Class

      Preparing to Breastfeed: Class for Expectant Parents

April 18, 2013 7-9pm given by Jeanne Russell, CLC

Location: Baby’s Premiere Ultrasound Studio in Maywood

Considering breastfeeding?

This interactive breastfeeding class is intended to give expectant parents insight into the benefits of breastfeeding, while providing knowledge about proper latching, helpful nursing positions, properly storing breastmilk and applying solutions to common breastfeeding challenges.

Discussion topics include:
· How Milk Is Made
· Identifying A Correct Latch & Positioning
· Importance of Skin to Skin Contact
· Establishing and Maintaining Supply
· Pumping and Proper Breastmilk Storage

Feeling prepared for breastfeeding will help expectant parents start off on the path to success. Moms can bring with them a stuffed animal or doll to demonstrate nursing positions. Partners or a family member or friend are also welcome- support is part of the key to success!

Class cost is $35 per couple. All participants will receive a 10% discount coupon on all Baby’s Premiere ultrasound services.

For more information, please email

Jeanne Russell is a Certified Lactation Counselor and a Bergen county mom of a toddler and a newborn.

Baby’s Premiere 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio is located at 197 West Spring Valley Avenue in Maywood, NJ.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Movie Day

For those in the Glen Rock/Ridgewood area:

The MOMS Club of Ridgewood and the MOMS Club of Glen Rock present Movie Day on Sat, March 16, 10:00 AM at the Warner Quad Theatre on E. Ridgewood Ave in Ridgewood. All are welcome! Money raised will go to support Shelter Our Sisters, a local non-profit serving families affected by domestic violence - "Wreck-It-Ralph" and "Curious George, Show Me the Monkey," will be shown in separate theatres. Both movies start at 10am. Cost is $8/person - paid at the door - and includes admission, unlimited popcorn and beverage. Children under 2 are free.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ties & Tiaras

The WGIRLS 4th Annual Ties & Tiaras
Join the WGIRLS of NYC for an Elegant Evening of Giving Back to
Those Less Fortunate. The night will benefit the WGIRLS Project G.L.A.M. (Granting Lasting Amazing Memories) to dress over 1000 economically disadvantaged young women across NYC for
their high school senior prom.
For Every Ticket Sold, the WGIRLS will be able to outift NINE
young woman with everything they need to feel confident,
proud and beautiful for thier prom!
Ties and Tiaras

Thursday April 11, 2013dbar
7:30 - 8:30 PM

An Hour of Premium Open Bar sponsored by Goldbar
389 Broome Street
Music by Demby

Entrance: $45.00
Cocktail Chic

Men: Ties

Women: Tiaras (Ok , Tiaras are optional but c'mon We know you

have one!)

Ladies: Donate 5 or more gently-worn prom appropriate formal gowns/cocktail dresses to receive $10 the price of admission.

(Please purchase your ticket in advance.Tickets are limited and will
sell out before the event.You will
Click HERE to view last year's event photos

RSVP on Facebook Event Page and easily invite all your friends!

To donate gently-worn formal gowns/cocktail dresses and learn more

about Project G.L.A.M, please visit: PROJECT





Monday, March 11, 2013

Idol Top Ten

I know, I know. I'm late. But I can't watch Idol all in one lump. B refuses to watch this season and that's fine because I'm watching on the treadmill. But I can only watch in 30-45 min increments. I finally got to the elimination show from Thursday and I was pretty right on. America was given the ability to vote and they did. No fashion show for the voters. Apparently, that kind of thing only matters to the judges. Thank goodness.

There were a few surprises and I will say, I was sad to see some people not make it. I missed the end of the elimination. It cut off right when Kree was singing. I don't know if they said there would or wouldn't be a wildcard or not. Aubrey should totally be a wildcard. I was surprised she didn't get in because she is a good singer and she's SO pretty. She also has a really humble attitude and looks like a pop star. She's likable. From the way the judges were talking and the kind of pop princess Idol likes to groom. Plus, she is one of the few that is CURRENT. She sang something recently on the radio. Fergie? Whatever. It wasn't Gloria Estefan or Celine so she was fine for me.

I was surprised about Elijah because they LOVED him and usually America seems to go with the judges. At least at this point in the competition. But I'm pretty sure they didn't feature him in the auditions, definitely not as much as the rest of the group. The way they edit the audition shows is really unfair. It ends up coming down to people to "root" for. I love Lazaro and was crying on the treadmill when he walked out from behind the doors, but his story is a big reason why he's there. Overcoming adversity is the cornerstone of the Idol audtions. I don't even remember Elijah from those shows.

Breanna pretty much had it in the bag until her last performance. Truthfully I didn't think it was as bad as some of the judges thought. I was really surprised at the critique. I don't care that she didn't make it though- there was just something I didn't like about her. I can't put my finger on it. Plus, whole her story of  was sad. Her family home was destroyed. But it wasn't so much a "home" as it was a giant mansion. So while I felt bad for her, it wasn't as sympathetic as other stories. Hey, sorry, when you're talking Idol and sob stories, you get to tragedy compare. We've seen terminal illness cases, homeless people, bullied kids, life threatening freak accidents, dead parents, and now severe stuttering to the point of having to be homeschooled. It's a lot. Her story just wasn't as compelling and she didn't seem that connected to the audience. She didn't have a sweetness about her like in Aubrey's face.

I thought Vincent would've gotten in but I knew when Curtis did, that pretty much meant Vincent would be out. Personally I'd rather see Vincent than Curtis but whatever. I don't really want to see either. Vincent just seemed more genuine. Curtis seems like he'd step over a dead body to be the next American Idol. I get needing to have ambition, drive, and confidence, but from Group day in the auditions, he was really only looking out for #1. I like the ones that really seem like part of the group and care about the fellow contestants. Vincent also seems more versatile. He could sing pop if they gave it to them. I have a feeling we're going to be hearing a lot of Luther from Curtis.

If I had to pick two wildcards- a guy and a girl, I'd have to go with Aubrey and Cortez. Cortez because I feel like if they let him, he could be current. He's singing stuff from people who aren't dead. He makes stuff his own. AND he's cute. In fact, Aubrey and he would make a gorgeous couple, although that's neither here nor there. Vincent deserves it though because he's so good, I just dread hearing his kind of music.

Sadly, my misfits are totally out. We had to say good-bye to Charlie Askew and Zoanette. I would've loved to see what they'd do as the competition went on. Zoanette is just a firecracker that always gives the unexpected. That's the only fun part of Idol when you have to listen to covers of Luther, Whitney and Aretha all night long. So I'm sad to see them go. I will hold out for an Idol: Misfit Edition where they bring back Charlie, Zoanette, JDA, Papa Peaches, Kezban, and the rest of the Wackpack. THAT would be great tv.

I have a strong feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of fast forwarding this season. The only person who has the ability to do something really different is Angie Miller. So right here, right now, I'm picking Angie to win the whole thing. She's IN IT TO WIN IT, DAWG!

You'd think the show was really good for me to need three installments for my review....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Idol Addendum

So I finished the girls & almost finished the boys from this week. I'm building on my thoughts from the other day. I'm now clearer on what I meant about country. I don't think I meant the quality is always less in terms of talent than mainstream pop music. This is the problem with Idol. In the bubble of Idol, you root for people you probably wouldn't listen to on your own- on the radio, buying on itunes, etc. You get into their stories and in comparison to the other people left competing, you pick favorites. Perfect example is Taylor Hicks- "Soul Patrol". I LOVED him because he reminded of Michael McDonald, who reminds me of my mom and being a kid, listening to music with her. The reality is, when he was singing familiar songs, I liked him. I liked his personality and he was more interesting than the average person there. I wasn't into Katherine McPhee for some reason. I guess because she was probably doing the whole diva emulating thing. I don't remember what she sang but it was probably covers of the big guns- Mariah, Celine, Whitney, Aretha, etc. Boring. So Taylor won, made an album, and it wasn't music I wanted to hear when he was off Idol.

I've actually bought a lot of music off Idol itunes. But looking at it, it is all covers of POP music. That's it. No "soul patrol", no country, no R&B. I've bought singer/songwriter stuff and pop. Because ultimately, that's what the show is supposed to be about- mainstream music. I realized I'm bored through all the R&B stuff too. I don't know it, I'm not interested in it, and I'm not going to buy it. I can recognize and appreciate that Candace Glover can probably make a record right now but I'm still not buying it. I LOVE Kree. I love her story, her voice is beautiful, but I'm never listening to her music. I like catchy, Top 40 stuff- Fergie, Ke$ha, Pink, Katy Perry, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, etc. So unless it sounds like them, it's not happening no matter how well they sing.

I watched the boys this morning and the judges are KILLING me. They love that Elijah kid. They keep saying he "looks like the whole package". They love his "styling". Seriously? He looks like Justin Bieber and let me tell you- Justin Bieber looks like a hot mess these days. Pull up your damn pants. Anyway- when he came out, I was singing "Mr Telephone Man" by New Edition in my head. I guess his voice is fine. And maybe he can sing pop music. But he's not interesting. He may as well be a singing marionette.

That's why I said I'd like Misfit Idol- except I was right about Charlie. He crossed the line into over the top cocky and just totally messed up. I didn't watch the elimination yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion he's out. Because he just couldn't reign in the crazy. I think he got overwhelmed, he fell in love with the attention, and lost his way. It's a shame because he was interesting before he tried to become the marionette he isn't natually. He was trying to be weirder than he even really is. It didn't work. I'd like Misfit Idol because at least if I wasn't going to buy the music in the end, I'd still be more entertained than I am listening to songs from a million years ago in genres I don't even like.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Backward

What happened to taste? Good taste. I admit, I'm not always at the pinnacle of high fashion. I don't dress up for work because I'm working with people's old lamps, disintegrating lampshades, lamp parts, etc. There is also just no reason. I'm not one to wear high heels- I don't need to, as I'm somewhere between 5'7 & 5'8. I'm just more of a jeans & t-shirt/sweater kind of girl. I try to keep it simple. I'm not going to Kids U or school pick up in stilettos.

I grew up in the 80's and graduated high school in 1992. The 80's were fashion BAD. Fashion AWFUL. I thought we all knew this. Big color blocks, scrunchies, tall hair, leggings, tunics, shoulder pads, lace. The 90's were just as unattractive. High waisted mom jeans with darts/pleats, paisley patterns, giant flannels. I can actually close my eyes and see my 12 year old self babysitting- wearing pink shiny spandex pants with a giant white sweatshirt that had a cat face painted on it. That was 80's. When I think of myself in the early 90's I'm seeing Skidz, "PSYCHO" sweatshirts, "STEEL" jeans, and men's XL flannels from Britches. Gross. Canadians, G&G, Mandee, Contempo Casuals and 5-7-9 were all the rage. Baby T's, overalls, and adult long-sleeved onesies- complete with snap crotch were staples.

Everyone I knew looked like this...and it wasn't good back then.
Imagine my surprise when B and I went to the mall a few weeks ago and were just intrigued by the mannequins in the window of Forever 21 and/or Arden b., who all looked like they were auditioning for a Robert Palmer video. Or going to a Motley Crue concert. But worse somehow...because I thought we learned from our fashion mistakes. Apparently we did not.


WHAT IS GOING ON?? Acid wash may have become "cloud wash" in the description, but it's just as ugly. Patterned polyester button down shirts aren't going to look good on anyone! Lace? Troy told Lelaina she looked like a doily in Reality Bites because...SHE DID. The last time I found it easy to find flattering clothes for myself was between the years 2000-2005. After that...we have this:



I've always been a step behind in some fashion trends but more because I didn't think certain things would look good with my body type. Skinny jeans- typically, I feel like I would have to be skinny to wear them. But I did lose weight and once I got a pair I can just pull on, I started liking them. It just took a year or two before I really got into it. Once I got into the skinny jeans it was also easy to make the move to tall boots to pair with the jeans.

I wear skinnies but even with those, I'm not going to have patterns all over them or add grommets. I just don't get it. I saw a girl, in the mall, wearing real spandex pants. Red, shiny spandex. It showed every skin imperfection and it definitely highlighted areas that didn't need to be highlighted in red, stretchy, shiny fabric. Moreover, she was at work and she just looked really unprofessional because all I saw was red camel-toe. I couldn't even concentrate. The worst part about it is that this seems to be what's "in" now. And I thought the short-shorts on tweens and teens in the summer was bad....

I can't even find anywhere to shop. I do like stuff with a bit of an edge- I'm not an Ann Taylor shopper. I don't even own any item of clothing in the beige family. I'm just not super trendy. I can like something but recognize its not going to look good on me. I like stuff that has a bit of shape but isn't skin tight, isn't overdone with embellishments, and isn't going to look dated in a few months. This 80's stuff just CAN'T have a long shelf life! It's so awful! The girl below looks like she's trying out for Kelly in a remake of Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo!! WHY?! Are the guys supposed to look like Turbo now too?

I went through pages and pages online and copied a few. Then I found a picture of Six from Blossom and the old 90210 cast and I bet you can't tell the 2013 clothing models from the tv stars!

I could make a paper doll out of Jenna from whenever this was taken and sub all these clothes for hers and they'd totally work

I see there also seems to be an audience for JWoww Couture type stuff- where the back of a shirt looks like it was mauled by a tiger. Yes, I understand I am well over 21 and therefore not most of these stores target audience. It's like preying on the weak. These 21 yr olds were barely born when we were introduced to Brenda, Brandon & the gang at the Peach Pit & getting out of our Nirvana grunge-wear. So they didn't see how bad this all looked the first time around. Or maybe they think it's "retro"??

I just needed to express this out loud and see if I'm the only one who can't find some normal clothes anywhere. Apparently this trend isn't just for women either. Watching poor Cortez and Burnell on American Idol with their denim vests and jackets was just sad. It was the first time I agreed with Nicki Minaj when she basically told Cortez he needs a stylist.
I don't know what happened to shoes either. Once upon a time I was in Ft Lauderdale and my friend told me there are actual stripper stores- where strippers get their outfits. He took me and as a goof I bought some platform stilettos. That was the only place you could get shoes like that. Now girls are wearing them to walk around the mall. I don't care if they're Louboutins. They're stripper shoes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but let's call it what it is please. They're everywhere from cheap to a month's paycheck. Half the people wearing shoes like this can't even walk in them! And all the shoes look like some variation of the shoe below.

Yeah, I know they're the big L. They're still terrible. And even if I'm missing the fashion gene to "get" them, let's call them what they really are- Stripper shoes. Really expensive stripper shoes.

It's all just way too much for me. I think I just won't be go shopping for a long time....FYI- all the single model photos are current 2013 clothes you can buy online or in stores today. I'm just not telling you where. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor!

Edit: I just saw on FB a photo from when I was in France. I was 15 years old and my hair was ridiculous. Actually, everything about my look was ridiculous. So I thought I should add my own photo of me (and Aimee) from the early 90's. I'll have to scan an 80's one later.

Sorry Aim for throwing you under the bus but this was a great shot of my Britches flannel. And the giant scrunchie.