Friday, August 10, 2012

In & Out of Control

This is a very stressful day. Even though it's Friday and it should be awesome, it's not. Why? Because our store, Shades of Soho, in Glen Rock is being negatively affected by major construction of the Main Line railroad in front of the store. The town didn't anticipate how lost people would get trying to follow the detour and now it means people get frustrated, turn around and go home. If people don't come, we don't make sales, and that's a scary thing when our store is our only source of income. The guys working on the railroad get paid no matter what. The police get paid. If no one can find us and buy from us, we don't get paid. Yet we still have bills to pay.

So, I challenge all of you consumers and possible customers to brave the detour, which isn't really all that difficult but if you're not familiar with the area can be a little confusing. I know- ramps were closed in Franklin Lakes trying to get my son to camp his first day and I ended up everywhere but where I wanted/needed to be. I was sweating. Anyway....

We're offering you 15% off ANYTHING in our store if you make it in today, tomorrow and while this construction is going on. They said two weeks. Well, I think I will die of anxiety if people say they can't get to us for two weeks. I'm not desperate, I'm just being honest. It feels totally out of control because, well, obviously, we can't control it. We put a sign up by one of the detour stations that we're still open during this yet we still got two calls that people were lost and going to come back another time. If you don't own a small business you may not understand, but that's like a dagger to the heart and a knot in the stomach. I'm thinking of putting a sign up at every station saying if you're trying to come to us to just keep following the detour. Yet, I'm not sure how well that will work either if the one closest to the store is there and people are still having a problem...

Also, during this time, if you see anything on our website you want during this construction and you want to call to do a phone order, mention this blog and you will get a discount on that stuff too.

Please check us out- a purchase from our store is a purchase for small business. Support your local small businesses because we deserve it. We give the best customer service around and make our own quality goods. In a time where everything seems to be outsourced, we're committed to being made in Jersey and doing the best job possible.

Thanks for your continued support. It's much appreciated. Lets try to make this a successful two weeks out of problematic and stressful situation.


  1. Will post- As small biz owners I totally understand :)

    1. Much appreciated! Times are scary enough without added stress of things like this. Feeling helpless sucks. All I can do is hope for the best & hope people will read this and support! Thank you for lending yours!