Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Get Your Feet Wet

I can't believe the regular swim season is coming to a close. In a way it's nice because that just means I'm that much closer to being back to my perch at the town pool. I have to say, the older and more self sufficient your kids get, time really flies. It's because you're not sitting home, watching the clock, waiting to hand you're significant other (if you have one) a baby and run. At least, that's how I felt.

Anyway, our regular season is coming to a finish, but there is a short spring season coming up that goes from the end of March through the end of May. So it's REALLY short. It's an AWESOME way for your kid to try out being on the swim team without a huge commitment.

The YWCA Tiger Sharks Team is a small, young, nurturing team where your child isn't just a number. We did one of those big, uber-competitive teams for E's first go on a swim team when he was in Kindergarten. We didn't know any better. It was a nightmare. That could've been the end of swim team for us had I not found the Tiger Sharks. And luckily & coincidentally for us, my one friend I made from the other team, Tracy Cohen-Grady, came over to the Tiger Sharks too. She has become an assistant coach. Along with Head Coach Kelly Dunnigan, I know there is also Coach Blaze and Coach Dan, but I think they may be others that I don't know. E has only been in the Bronze age group so I only know who he trains with. Every once in awhile, E ends up at the Silver group practice because of our crazy schedule and I've seen coaches there I don't know.

They've made swim team a very nice experience, where I know E is learning, but he's also having fun. He is always happy to go to practice, and they've been very accommodating with E's other commitments. The coaches are always available to talk, answer questions and emails, and I feel like they all genuinely care about the kids. I feel like they enjoy being there themselves. And Kelly is in college, so I'm extremely impressed at her time commitment to this team. Coaching a kids team of any sort wasn't what I was doing in college.

So if your kid can swim and you've considered seeing if they'd like being on a swim team, I strongly urge you to try out the Tiger Sharks for the short spring semester, to get your feet wet (pun intended). FYI- I don't get any kick back or anything for recommending them. But we plan to continue with the Tiger Sharks for the foreseeable future, so I'm doing my part with public relations, and basically a positive testimonial. I don't recommend stuff I don't like. You don't see me recommending our old team.... ;-)

Try outs are coming up in March-

The spring schedule isn't up yet, but for more info on try-outs and registration, contact Heather Seeback (contact info in link)