Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's BACK!! D.A.R.E

The annual D.A.R.E carnival is back up and running starting tonight at 5p. I know this because E was freaking out as we drove by. I really hope they have that Dragon ride he loved so much last year because that's all I heard about the entire car ride today.

It really has a lot of great rides for all ages. The food was a little gross, but that's pretty much all carnival food.

It's in the parking lot of Garden State Plaza off the Rt 4E side. It's one of the longer running ones in terms of days. Usually the town ones are only 4-5 days. I have a feeling we'll be there a few times.

9th Annual North Jersey DARE CarnivalMay 31st – June 10th at Westfield Garden State Plaza. The carnival opens Monday – Friday at 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at noon.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Glen Rock Inn- Monday

                                     Memorial Day Monday
Free Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
Soft Serve Ice Cream
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m
In the Bar and Lounge only

Summer's coming- SWIM!

I grew up in New Milford (NJ). I don't often go there for anything but it was brought to my attention yesterday that the swim club is looking for new members. I guess for whatever reason, membership has been declining- I'm not sure people even know it exists. I remember when I was a kid, there was a WAITING LIST to get in there. Now, they've opened it up to other towns to join and they're having an open house this weekend! It's a pretty big club- two regular size pools and one kiddie pool. There's a picnicking area, volleyball, etc. It was always a really nice place to spend the summer. I was told that if they don't get enough members they may plan to close within the next two years. It would shame if that happened because I highly doubt there are an abundance of personal pools in town. So, I thought I'd spread the word-

Also, these are the last two days of the New Milford Elks Carnival. It's behind the borough hall on River Rd, across from the Little League field. It's been a staple in town since I was a kid. I remember walking there with my friend Ann Marie in middle school! They have new food, new entertainment, and you can get a one price wristband for rides on Saturday night. They have a FB page for more information!

Have fun!

Memorial Day Weekend

What to do? I didn't really make plans. Well, until about an hour ago. We never know what the story is going to be for work- open Saturday, close Monday? Close Saturday, open Monday? Then we inevitably remember there will be a parade in town on Monday which would mess up business anyway if we were open. So, we just decided we'll be open Saturday for at least part of the day and then close on Monday.

Ethan plays really well with another kid from his class. We really like the child's parents so now we're going to hang with them on Saturday. Sunday and Monday are up in the air. Maybe we'll take a trip down to Long Branch again one of the days. Who knows- we never make a plan for these kind of weekends, preferring to just go on the fly depending on the weather and what I hear is going on.

Here is a list of stuff going on I found on

Events to check out this weekend (May 26th to 28th)

This is a great holiday weekend to enjoy the company of family and friends while remembering those who have sacrificed their lives for our great country. There are some great weekend events like the Kite Festival in Wildwood or the opening of Field Station Dinosaurs in Secaucus. Or, take a spot on a parade route and cheer on your local heroes. On Monday, Teaneck's family festival looks like loads of fun! Have a great weekend!


Fit and Fun Family Festival. Sat to Sun. 1 to 4pm. Crafts, a veggie craft, planting activity and educational activities. Camden Children' Garden. Link here.

Wildwoods International Kite Festival. Sat/Sun: East Coast Stunt Kite Championships on beach, learn to fly for newbies, Candy Drop, and Running of the Bols (9am). Mon: World Indoor Kite Competition (Convention Center @ 9am). Link here.

Tour of Somerville Cycling Series. Fri: 9pm; Sat: 9am start; Sun: 1:30pm; Mon: 10:45am-. Tens of thousands of spectators will attend this free event with food, kids activities, live music and etnertainment. Over 600 professional and amateur cyclists. Somerville. Link here.
Opening Day: Field Station Dinosaurs. 10am to 5pm. A world class family attraction--"Jurassic Park" comes to our area as 30 life-size animatronic dinosaurs come to life! The story of the dinosaurs is vividly presented on twenty acres of wild, unpredictable woods, mysterious pathways, and mountain trails. Scientists from the New Jersey State Museum have worked to ensure that the exhibition encompasses the latest theories and discoveries in the fields of paleontology, geology, and environmental studies. Workshops, games and activities connect the story of the dinosaurs to our world today, giving new relevance to their lives and power to the tale of their extinction. Experience it all Memorial Day weekend. Secaucus. Link here.

Patriotic Wand Craft. 11am to 3pm. Free! Lakeshore Learning Store, Hackensack. Link here.
Memorial Day Remembrance. 10am to 5:30pm. Activities to help remember those fallen in service. Imagine That Museum, Florham Park. Link here.

Decoration Day. 1:30m to 3pm. Learn about WWI heroes and the ladies who helped the cause. Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, Morristown. Link here.

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue. Crafts, flowers, songs and quiet fireworks in the theater with a patriotic theme. Discovery Museum, Cherry Hill. Link here.
Street Fair. 11am to 5pm. More than 100 artists, crafters, and vendors. Live music and entertainment for kids, too! Downtown West Orange. Link here.
Guided Nature Walk. 3pm to 4pm. All ages welcome, Nonmembers: $5. Tenafly Nature Center. Link here.
Gone for a Soldier: Jerseymen in the Civil War. 1pm to 4pm. Civil War objects will be on display at this exhibit. $8 adults/ $4 for 6 to 12yrs/free 5 and under. Macculloch Hall Historical Museum, Morristown. Link here.
Teaneck's Cedar Lane Family Festival. 11am to 6pm. 11am: Service at municipal green; 12pm: Tribute and Opening Ceremony: Cupcake eating contest (ages 9 to 12yrs); 1:15: Pizza Eating Competition (ages 18+); 2:30 to 5pm: Cabaret competitions; 5pm: Blue Haze Jazz Ensemble. Also: crafts, International food, shopping and kids activities. Link here.

Teaneck Armory Memorial Day Fair. 9am to 5pm. Giant rock wall, kiddie rides, games, face painting, festival food, vendors and more! Teaneck National Guard Armory. Link here.

2nd Annual Multicultural Festival. 12pm to 8:30pm. Live music, inflatabes, games, roller skating, vendors and awesome food! Free. Mackay Park, Englewood.

Sheep Shearing Day. 11am to 2pm. Professional shearer will be doing demos at the petting zoo area. Free with admission. Turtle Back Zoo, West Orange. Link here.

Memorial Day Paddle. 10:30am to 12:30pm or 2 to 4pm. Enjoy a pleasant paddle on the Passaic River. $30/canoe or $15/person. Essex County Environmental Center, Roseland. Link here.

Some local parades:

Ridgefield. 10am. Begins on Linden Avenue.
Englewood. 10am. Begins at Soldier's Monument, ends at Veteran's Memorial Park.
Cliffside Park. 9:30am. Begins on Anderson Avenue in downtown area.
Palisades Park. 10am. Begins on Ross and Ethel Avenue.
Leonia. 11:30am. Begins on Broad Avenue in downtown area.
Oradell. 9am. Begins at Prospect Ave and Park Ave.

Whatever you do, have a happy, safe and delicious long weekend!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

TV stuff

It's renew/cancel time and of course I'm out a few shows. Always disappointing, especially when I just don't get it.

Someone tell me WHY Missing didn't have more viewers. It was the most suspenseful show ever. It kept me so riveted, I didn't even go online during it. That NEVER happens. Maybe it was too expensive having Ashley Judd? The location shoots too much $$? People are too stupid to snap their minds back from reality tv to actually have to pay attention? I don't know. But I'm mourning the loss. B did say that the ending WAS satisfying and at least the main story that was the whole season was ultimately solved. But WHAT ABOUT Gian-Carlo??? I LOVED him. Anyway- hopefully some other show will pick him up because he was the break-out star for me. Missing- no, now just DEAD...

GCB- Okay, I sort of get it. It was campy. REALLY campy. More so than Desperate Housewives. But you have to give a new series a chance. It was really growing on me. It was good for treadmill time. Non-reality, definitely fantasy, and fluffy. I was loving Annie Potts, Cricket's hot gay husband, and I didn't even mind the religion thrown in. I'm not a huge Kristin Chenowith fan- I know, I know. Just not my cup of tea. But she was fine enough. Good for that role. I'm not mourning it like Missing, or Lie To Me (STILL!) but I was enjoying it. They could've given it a second season at least.

Best Friends Forever- "What? Who?"- I know that's what you're saying. But I liked it. I can't tell you what network it was on, time, or who was in it (unless I go back to the cancelled link), but I liked it. Again, good for the treadmill.

That was really it for cancelled things I was watching. I always wanted to watch, Who do you think you are?, but I never got to it. Hope I can catch it on demand some day.

What's left? The B in Apt 23. Loving James Van Der Beek as a douchey version of himself. LOVE. And the girls are fun too.

Scandal- it got creepy and weird with the scissors stabbing of Loker (oops, I mean Gideon. But he'll always be Lie To Me's Loker to me). And Huck?! But I'll take it over corny Bachelorette Emily or Z-list DWTS.

Revenge- We love it. Dead-eyed Emily and funky Nolan keep us coming back every week. I knew it had to be renewed though. It's one of the few ABC dramas people were watching I guess.

Parenthood- how this is always on the bubble I will never understand. Superb cast and acting, relevant stories, tear inducing...Easily one of our favorites.

Stuff on now and coming this summer:

AGT- I'm LOVING Howard Stern. Granted I'm geeky Super Fan listener of 25 years but whatever. The show was getting tired and I already am not fond of Piers Morgan. Getting to see Howard on there is like a dream come true. I don't care if I don't like any of the acts so far.

Girls- HBO was due for something interesting since Entourage ended. Still pissed about How To Make It In America not coming back but I'll take Girls. It's cringe-worthy but can't look away good stuff.

The Big C- B won't watch it- he's not watching a show about cancer he says. But I watch it and it's fab. If for nothing else, Ababu/Andrea cracks me up. And Sean, the crazy brother is awesome.

I haven't seen any promos for anything else that really struck me. I'm going to have to look up what's coming because B is pretty much over reality. We're still watching the Housewives of NJ and will probably watch NYC but he dumped OC so I have to watch myself. I've got all the OC housewives on DVR for the treadmill but have some other stuff that takes priority before I get to those ladies.

Definitely waiting on Bachelor Pad though. That is the one reality show that I can describe as "gripping tv". As long as Gia doesn't get a three-peat. I can't take the crying.

OH, and General Hospital got another year! It WILL stay on for a 50th anniversary. Whew.

That's all folks. Check out the link for more renewals/cancellations-

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mother of All Days

Mothers Day. It's a weird day for me. I don't feel old enough to be someones mother, yet I am, and I'm almost thirty-eight, so that isn't even young to be a parent to a three year old. Mothers Day just always seemed about older mothers. My mother. But not even. Because my mother wasn't that into Hallmark holidays. Sometimes we went to brunch. Sometimes she did stuff with her friends. Sometimes I was with the family of a boyfriend or now, my husband.

Now my mom is gone, so it seems like a somber day even though I didn't always spend it with her. I did always take time to find the right card, scoured Loehmanns and street fairs for the right gift. Now the day sort of gets to be about me, since I am now a mother. I rarely choose something to do because most holidays are spent with my in-laws, which has always been fine with me. I suppose, like my mother, or because of my mother, holidays never seemed like a big deal to me. I also feel that if I'm being appreciated, for the most part, by my son and husband throughout the year, then I don't need to be treated extra special on this "made up" holiday. Sort of like anniversaries. I get celebrating them- they're milestones. But I'm not looking for something extravagant because I feel like if something extravagant has to be done, it usually means you're under appreciated the rest of the time. At least that's how it seems to me. In a previous long term relationship, I longed for anniversaries and Valentine's Day because I NEVER felt appreciated. So on those days, I could hope for the best- at the time flowers and a dinner out to TGIFridays. I thought- at least he's going to do SOMETHING on X day. And I learned to be happy with that. My husband is pretty good about spreading the appreciation out over the year so these "special days" aren't overly important to me.

At any rate, this year, my in-laws were doing their own thing, so my husband really wanted to be able to do something I wanted to do. But he wanted to be "near water", so we planned on going down to the shore. We didn't want to do anything expensive but wanted it to be nice. I LOVE breakfast food. Someone had told me this place, Toast, has red velvet pancakes. I was ALL IN. They have a place in Montclair and opened a place in Asbury. We tried calling to make a reservation but for some reason their phone wasn't going through. So we just took a chance. We didn't get down there until almost one o'clock. We were lucky- by the time we got there, we had no wait.

They have an interesting menu. B got some kind of Bananas Foster pancakes. I got the red velvet ones for E and I. B loved his and the red velvet was well worth the drive. They came WITH FROSTING. E ate all of his with no battle so I can say they are definitely kid-friendly. The portion is huge so I couldn't eat all mine, but I brought them home to give to E for the next two days. Honestly, I think they were even better the 2nd and 3rd day- cold. We may not go back down to Asbury for awhile but we'll definitely go to Montclair. Next time I plan to try their French toast with Nutella and fresh strawberries. They also don't give you a hard time when you try to order something that isn't the way it is on the menu. For example, we wanted just some scrambled eggs on the side. They were fine with that. We've tried doing that at another place we like and I had to get the WHOLE DISH as it is on the menu with the eggs. At this other place, the eggs weirdly come with a salad and we had to have and pay for the whole thing. We couldn't just get scrambled eggs a la carte. Toast gives you what you want and charges you accordingly. I like that.

After brunch, we drove to Long Branch to walk around. Where McLoone's Pier House is located- Pier Village. It was CRAZY busy down there. FYI, they have a giant gravel parking lot where a building must have been. Before summer season kicks in, it's only $5/day to park there. It's well worth it being directly across from the beach. You can go back and forth to your car and it's just really convenient. I asked if the price goes up and the kid working it told me he thinks it becomes $15 which is still good for parking all day. I'm pretty sure it's like $20-$25 to park in a Pt Pleasant lot for the day. Of course there is more to do in Pt Pleasant but whatever- it's still a lot of money to park.

They really filled up the retail over there. There's a really cool surf shop. I was able to buy towels there after E decided he'd go whole hog in the sand, which I was not expecting. A great pizza place we ate in, a Stewart's, some interesting clothing and chatchke boutiques, a gym, Red Mango, Sawa sushi, etc. It has a good mix of things. Plus, it's just down the boardwalk from Ocean Place Resort & Spa, which has a cool outside tiki bar to hang at. And if you have to pee they have clean, open bathrooms that they don't seem to mind if the public uses.

Pier Village in general is just a really nice day trip if you live in Bergen County. It's not as far as Pt Pleasant, the beach is a decent size, there is plenty of food options, and they have public restrooms aside from in Ocean Place- they just happened to be closed for renovations the other day. I assume they'll be open when Memorial Day comes.

We ended up staying the entire day into the evening. Afraid of Garden State Parkway Traffic we decided to drive a bit north before getting on there. We wanted ice cream so we drove through Red Bank and stopped at Crazies. B and I had been there before and I think it was just called Thomas Sweet before. It had Thomas Sweet on the window but it was called Crazies. I only remember the Thomas Sweet name because it was all the rage in Princeton when I went to Rider. So we got ice cream, sat on their benches and enjoyed the beautiful early evening weather.

It ended up being a really great day. E was so tired he fell asleep in the car for a little while at 6:15, before ice cream. He hasn't fallen asleep in the car since he was an infant. Of course it was terrible timing because no one wants their toddler falling asleep at that hour, but luckily he woke up for ice cream and stayed awake the rest of the ride. We all got some time to decompress and not be immersed in the stress of daily life and I got to honor my mother in a way she would've loved- laying in the sun on the beach and eating ice cream. There couldn't be a better ode to Rita. And to me. So thank you B & E for making it a lovely, stress-free, fun day. I appreciate that we were able to just spend the day together doing whatever, on a whim. The unplanned sometimes turns out to be the most fun

Hope you all had a happy Mother's Day too!