Friday, August 24, 2012


I've never shopped on Zulily. There are just too many of these discount sites and I can't be a part of them all. I've been strictly a Rue La La girl, especially since they've been doing the whole pay shipping once for 30 days thing. You pay shipping on one order and you have 30 more days to buy anything and it ships free.

BUT, someone told me Pack It bags are on Zulily right now. I had to check it out. WELL, I LOVE these bags and they have every size available on the cheap. I love them because I hate cold packs. They leak, they get lost, and they take up too much room. Basically they suck. I use the personal Pack It bag every single day. I have three- one for me, one for B and one in case he forgets to bring his home from work, we have an extra.

I just ordered a mini for him for school and a social one for the beach. The personal one is just too small for the three of us to have drinks and a snack in there. I've done it but it's a stretch.

Here's my link- - I should at least get some credit for telling you about these awesome bags. Joke. If you don't want to use my link- don't. Put "Packit", one word, in the search, without quotes and the page will come up.

They also have some other lunch boxes, food holders, and I saw Sweet Pea Maternity, which I will never need again, but LOVED when I was pregnant. I love the regular Sweet Pea stuff for the most part and the maternity stuff was totally my style.

Anyway- here's the Pack It site if you want to compare pricing.

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  1. I am in total agreement with you and these. I have every size. The size they need to make is backpack size. I am having real issues with carrying all the crap now and everything being heavy. They need to make the packit backpack!!!!!!!