Monday, September 12, 2011

School Days

E started school today! He looked so cute and was so excited. I'm SO happy we did the camp beforehand. There were some kids clinging and crying and thank goodness he wasn't one of them. We got there about ten minutes early and so did everyone else. It was kind of cool that were all in this "holding pen" area, so E got to spot some of his camp friends and I got to catch up with some of the moms I'm friendly with.

It was a little chaotic with everyone bringing in their supplies (2 boxes of tissues, 2 boxes of wipes, a package of diapers and a full second set of clothes). We needed to find his cubby, put his giant backpack away (I didn't know there were more toddler-sized bags, as I was focused on getting him one with Yo Gabba Gabba on it), and send him into his classroom. Today would be his first day eating lunch in a classroom setting too. I was a little nervous but I figured he and the teachers would work it out.

Both B and I took him. While I think it was important for us to all have that little milestone, I think it made him a little nervous. He's very daddy-centric on Sundays because that is the only day B is around all day, and B spends the majority of the time with him. I do laundry and other things on Sundays if we're home. I hadn't been feeling well since Thursday so B was also giving me some time to myself. So, today, in both of us taking him, I sort of think he was missing Daddy a lot. E also doesn't like too much change in his routines. He likes everyone to have their "job". Mommy takes him to camp and Mommy picks him up.

When I picked him up he'd been crying a little. The teachers said it had just happened a few minutes ago, for no particular reason. They thought he was tired. He probably was- he got up super early this morning.  And he had been having an allergy attack over the weekend and this morning. When I came in the room, he ran over to me, crying, but then he was fine. His tears are quick. But, then we got in the car and he was asking for Daddy. (So, yes, B, you may have been correct this time that I should have taken him myself like it was a camp day). He continued to ask for Daddy a few times until he took his nap an hour later.

I'm sure he had a great day. I think had he not had allergies and didn't get up so early, he would've had a 100% cry-free day. Hopefully Claritin will work, he'll rest up and he'll be fine for Wednesday. He has his first ballet class tomorrow so hopefully he'll be fine for that....

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