Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I received this letter in my Facebook inbox just to let me know it was written & sent. I asked if I could share it & got the go-ahead. It's a letter from someone I grew up with about the carousel. And she doesn't even have children who are melting down over it. It's not just the local moms who are in an uproar....

To Whom It May Concern,

I wish to address the removal of the Carousel at Paramus Park, the only mall in this area I actually enjoy going to.

As a loyal customer for over 30 years, and the child of loyal customers since the mall's creation, I am truly disheartened.

I am not upset only because of the carousel's removal, but in the manner in which the managing company of Paramus Park has conducted themselves in this change.

To give the owners of the Carousel only 5 days notice of this non-negotiable change is simply ungracious, rude, and heartless.

Many of us love the Carousel, it's history, and it's charm.  It is the one draw left that brings children to this mall.  Your toy stores, positioned around it have their businesses buoyed by the children peeking at the windows as they ride.  The mothers and fathers of Bergen County choose this mall for it's smaller size, and the bribery factor of the Carousel.

Those of us who love that mall still weep and stare in disbelief at the ugly puddle you chose to replace the gorgeous, sweet-smelling waterfall with.

I can't help but note in many articles that you feel your replacements of a play area and large-plastic chess pieces are suitable replacements for the Carousel.  I assure you, without any hesitation, that any child of mine would not be permitted to use either.  The chess pieces are germ-ridden, and strewn, as the children drawn towards them are not remotely interested in them, and do they know how to play chess.  The play area in front of Sears has already been a site where my friend's young child was continually hurt by another child in the area.  The Carousel is the best solution for all parents taking their children to the mall.  There is no contact involved, and the parents can choose to wipe down their child's horse.  Additionally, nothing in the mall lights the eyes of the children as the carousel does. Parents smile broadly since they can get their shopping done, and then nostalgically watch their children ride the horses as they once did.

My criticisms of your management of the mall form a very long list.  You removed the live trees, which perfumed the air of the enclosed space with freshness.  You removed our most beloved waterfall, and replaced the crown jewel of your entire piece of real estate with a puddle that couldn't possibly ever replicate the glorious smell and sound of the tumbling water. You already have plans to expand the mall, and I assume compete with Garden State Plaza.  But there is something you don't appreciate about your own property.  That those of us who go only do so because we prefer the smaller space, and the shorter walks.  Because Paramus Park used to house great stores that now can't afford to set foot in your mall.  McDonald's would have a packed house at any given time, when they had a restaurant space with seating.  Now you've overcharged a multi-million dollar corporation away from even staying at the pathetic counter you left them.

I understand your corporate location is in Chicago.  Perhaps in Chicago, this is what your consumers want.  But here, in New Jersey, you need to do your research, and do it quick.  Many of us resent the Garden State Plaza, and find it too intimidating to approach.  The same goes for The Palisades Center Mall, and the re-vamped Bergen Mall.  We CHOOSE Paramus Park for it's size and convenience.  Ask the locals what they want.  Give us the survey; we will fill it out in resounding numbers and tell you that your moves, so far have been in every other direction than the right ones to keep us as customers.

Until you make the effort to ask us what we would really enjoy in that mall, I will choose to shop elsewhere.


Casey Marie Hittel

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  1. This reminds me of when they closed In the Swing in Waldwick. It happened all of a sudden and there wasn't even a chance to go there for a last visit! All my kids cried that time too. Such a shame.