Monday, August 5, 2013

As Seen on ME

It's my quarterly hair blog time. I was so happy, hair time coincided with my birthday this year. You might think I should just be able to do this all the time, but I can't. Sometimes I need to go a little earlier or later because I have an event to go to or I have to reschedule or....I used to CALL for an appointment only to find that Don was booked up till who knows when. And since I have a kid, and that kid goes to school that is closed for about a million holidays, I used to never be able to book an appointment at the end of my last one because I never knew the school calendar. But thanks to my friend Cohen, she got me to actually input the ENTIRE year's school days off this year into my Google calendar. Regardless, this time hair and birthday matched up and I got my hair done a few days prior to the big day.

I try to look cool. Sometimes that means trendy. But most of the time, so contrary to how I usually make decisions, it takes me awhile to get on board with most trends. I love the look of ombre hair, or as Don called it, "minking". But I loved it on other people. Because I was still kind of cautious of having to use a lot of full on bleach on my hair. I love that whole dip-dye look with the blue or pink or whatever at the ends. On other people. Because I don't always "do" my hair. It really looks good on people that take time to curl the ends as their daily look. I just didn't know how it would look on me and it seems like a big commitment. Although, I forgot this Elumen stuff isn't like the first hair color stuff I used which came out in the tub like teenage Manic Panic. The Elumen really "sticks" or whatever you want to call it. No residue running out in the shower. And I stopped with the blue which required separate washing sections of hair that was a MAJOR pain in the ass.

I brought pictures in of ombre hair I like- it had pinks and purples, from halfway up to the ends. I didn't even know if he would do it. Sometimes I bring him pictures and he's just like, "Um, no.". Which is actually fine because I don't want anyone telling me how to do my job and I'm not going to insist he try something on me that's going to look shitty. He's just not going to do anything that's going to reflect poorly on him, the same way I don't want to give someone ugly lampshades.

We decided on pink and purple from mid-way on down and regular highlights on top. It came out perfect. I couldn't tell right away but when he dried it and curled it on the round brush it looked like a colorful fan. Super cool. It wasn't ombre in the traditional sense of the pictures I brought, but this is the thing, what I love about Don is that he knows I don't have unlimited funds to do my hair. I have to be very cost conscious but I still want something funky and  want it to look good. So, he didn't do the whole back. He did what you'd see from the front and sides. And that was actually enough. Had he done the whole back, I couldn't see it anyway, and it probably would've cost a fortune. He figured out how to do it where it looked cool but didn't break the bank. I also had credit for sending people there and whatnot but it was around $200. It probably would've been like $220 but that's less or around the same as other salons in the area. Because I also always get a haircut too and blown dry.

Now, this is sort of a "three parter" of a blog. While Don was doing my hair we somehow started talking about that commercial for the As Seen On TV "Air Curler". It's that thing where you put hair in a giant cup-like thing that attaches to your hair dryer. It curls the hair in seconds and stays curled. Don said he thought it was impossible that it worked or that it works as fast as they say. I kind of took this conversation as a challenge. So I bought it! Before we went out to dinner on Thursday night, I used it on my own head. Don't get me wrong, I was a little scared. I was like ugh- this is going to be like the time I tried to use a round brush with the hair dryer and got it super stuck. But I put on my big girl panties and went to town.

IT WORKS. It works. For real. Now, Thursday was really rainy, humid and gross out. And it was my first use of this...accessory. So I did see some frizz. But I had nice curls and they made my hair look great in a matter of like ten minutes. Normally, it would take me hours to do that with a curling iron. It gave me great body and it felt like it "fattened" up my hair. My ponytail felt thicker after. I used it again this morning, a PERFECT 10 of a weather day. No humidity at all. I had even less time to do it but I got hardly any frizz. I didn't get to really play with the curling in areas I would've liked to but it definitely makes my hair look more done. And without doing it straight, because it's curled, it's not all falling in my eyes and annoying me. On a usual day, I'd have it pulled back in a ponytail by now because it would be in my way. It's still down. The other cool thing is that I can take big sections. To get hair all hot with a curling iron the section of hair have to be relatively small. This could really take any amount. So, it ends up being much quicker.

I also want to mention what's going on with Keratin in Salon Azano. There are always Groupons, Amazon Local deals and Living Social deals for Keratin but the descriptions are never really specific as to what kind of treatment they do. There are some you need to keep your hair straight for 72 hours. I could never do that. I had a hard enough time with 24 hours! So some are 24 hours, some organic, some not, so on and so forth. I was always afraid to try any of those deals because I just will not do the 72 hour one. And I don't want to end up bald because someone put some strange chemical on my head.

So here's the skinny on what they're doing:

-It's as close to "organic" as it can be. That means it's as little formadehyde as possible.
-It is 24 hours then you can wash
-On Mondays it's discounted, EVERY Monday, with Brittany and Stephanie.
-They have a Val-Pak or some deal going on- just call and ask where to find it. It's good through October. I think it's $100 off. I took notes but of course, I just hit some button on my phone and my notes are gone.

Basically with the Monday deal or the coupon deal it brings the price to about $200 which is really good for the 24 hour treatment. You can find it cheaper using Groupons or whatever in other salons but that could be for the Brazilian Blowout or some other kind and it's usually for the 72 hour treatment. Try keeping you hair pin straight for 72 hours when you have a kid or more than one.

Lastly, he got a new line of Eufora products made for thinning hair. He is running a 30% off special if you buy 3 or more. I asked him what the best product of all to buy would be if I could only buy one. He told me to buy this scalp stuff you put on twice a day and that I'd see results in 30 days. I convinced my husband to try it with me, just so I'd be able to write about how it worked for both a male and female. We haven't started it yet because it was just a hectic few days but we will start sometime in the next few and I'll write about that in about a month from now. The reason I'm trying it myself is because I feel my hair has been thinning for years. And I trust him. He's not going to put himself in a position to be called a "snake oil salesman". He only sells products he believes in and/or has seen really work. So I'm excited.

Salon Azano:
Air Curler:

I realize this looks like a mug shot

Curled with the As Seen On Tv Air Curler

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