Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lash-ing Out

I don't know what happened, why it was happening, or what- but I know I wasn't happy about it. My eyelashes were falling out. Not just a lash here and there. I'd go to put mascara on and notice a whole patch missing. I wish I took before photos. I think I was just so distraught at my missing lashes that it didn't occur to me.

If I tried to wear mascara, I had to take a safety pin and do some kind of comb-over to try to cover up the spot where so many lashes were missing. And it was on both eyes! Just in different spots. On my left eyelid, they were missing just to the right of the middle and on the right eye they were missing closer to the outside. I stopped wearing mascara because it was looking ridiculous with these big patches missing. At least if I didn't accentuate with mascara, you couldn't tell as much. I feel I need mascara to look like I have eyes, but I preferred wearing none to wearing it with a comb-over.

I looked really close and it didn't even look like there were follicles there. It just looked gone. That scared me the most because I didn't think there would be a way to get them back. My friend Julie uses Latisse, which sounds awesome, except that she has brown eyes. From using that, her lashes look as long as the fringe on my lampshades. But you can't use Latisse if you have blue or green eyes. It can actually change the pigment of your eyes. Of course I have blue eyes and I'd like to keep them.

Coincidentally, I ran into a friend who happens to actually have alopecia. I told her about my eyelashes. She gave me the name of something she used to grow her lashes back. I wanted to really research different remedies though because they're not cheap and I wanted to make sure I got something that really worked. I told my other friend about it who has missing brows from years of over-waxing or over-plucking. She also wanted a product that could be used on brows. Her lashes are fine.

I looked online for reviews of the best lash grower potions out there. There are actually a lot and it's confusing. I saw MarveLash and LiLash had really good reviews. But then there was also the one my friend with alopecia told me about so I didn't know what to do. I told my friend about MarveLash because it was definitely for brows too and I didn't know about the other rec that I'd got. The LiLash is probably great but way out of my price range clocking in at around $150. I'm posting the site I found the comparisons/reviews:

I spoke to my friend with the brows and she said she didn't like MarveLash because it was very drying. I hadn't gotten around to getting any yet so I then placed my order for Osmotics Cosmeceuticals- FNS Nutrilash. It is for brows too but like I said, I didn't know that. When I ordered it from Amazon there was little description.

It comes with four little tubes and 28 applicators. Theoretically, the kit is supposed to last for around a month. But there is no way. So far I've only used 1.5 tubes and I've had it since the end of June. You're supposed to use a new applicator every night- you put it on at night, on clean eyelashes, before bed. I just wash the applicators off and reuse for like three days. I don't know if they designed the stuff with really big eyes in mind but there is no way I could use a whole tube in a week.

The best and most important part- My eyelashes grew back! They're growing back more every day. I definitely no longer have big bald spots. The newer lashes aren't as long as the ones around it but they are BACK. I examine them closely every night with a magnifying mirror and where it looked like no follicles, they are now there. It's not like all of a sudden I have thick, lush lashes or anything but anything is better than bald. Well, on your eyes. I could do without elsewhere...but that's another topic altogether.

I think on Amazon it's even cheaper now than it was when I bought it and it looks like more reviews and information. But at $38 (what it is today), it's not overboard for that type of product. I mean, I wish I didn't need it at all but it's way cheaper than Latisse and LiLash and it definitely wasn't drying to my eyelids like my friend said MarveLash was for her eyelids. Now, I don't know what it would be like if I used it on my brows but I don't need more hair there so I'm not going to find out.

I really was afraid my eyelashes would never come back. So I'm really happy with the results of this product. If you're missing eyelashes, this is the product to try.

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