Monday, August 12, 2013

Aardvark News!

I have a real soft spot for the Music For Aardvarks program. I used them with E for a LONG time. Longer than I should have really, because we'd done every semester from when he was eight months old until he was approximately two and a half years old. E just couldn't sit still anymore and he was ready for more drop off classes. He was in school already without me and used to being dropped off. He just got really wild in his Aardvarks class so we said good-bye to Sean & Pat and our David Weinstone CD's.

But- I do get their updates. And I got a text this morning from a friend who asked if I knew Music for Aardvarks was not only coming to Glen Rock, but coming into the same shopping plaza my own store is in. I had no idea. I knew they'd inquired about space here like six months ago or more but I forgot about it.

So I just wanted to share the email with all their updates that I received this morning in case anyone is looking for a fall activity for their children. They do a really great job, the music is much cooler than the average kids music, and the teachers are all really great.

I'll also add that the space Aardvarks is taking is becoming a real cool little hub for "healthy" and more interesting kid stuff activity. There is karate, ballroom dance, and yoga back there along with a juicing café. The yoga studio has classes for kids as young as 3-4 years old. I know because E took yoga there and really liked it.

Dear Families,
What a great summer this is!  We are having so much fun with you and your children in class, and The Hums just performed a Pajama Jam in Woodland Park at Dowling Gardens as part of the Alfred H. Bauman Free Public Library's Summer Concert Series.  Thanks so much to all our Aardvark families who made the trek to come sing and dance with us. What a fun family evening in the park! We’ll be scheduling another Pajama Jam soon, so stay tuned!
We know you’ve been waiting for the Fall schedule, and it is now up on our website!  We apologize for posting it later than we usually do, but we have a lot to tell you about. 
We'll start with some bittersweet news: after working with us for five years, Kristen is taking a break from teaching classes.  While we are so sad to see her leave, and we will miss her dearly, we are happy for her.  She has decided to explore some other parts of her music career.  If you don’t know, Kristen is a highly accomplished professional opera singer (she’s performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and around the world) and she is now exploring opening a private voice studio.
Also sadly, while this has only been Ana’s first semester leading classes on her own, she is not going to be able to teach with us in the Fall.  We’re so glad her families have had so much fun with her this summer, but she is off to graduate school at NYU, and we wish her much success and happiness!  
Now on to the good news…
First of all, you may have seen an old familiar face in some classes over the summer -- our very first guitar player Bobby is back, and he will be leading classes beginning this Fall!  For those of you who are long time A Hum Music families, you will remember Bobby as a really fun, talented back-up musician.  He also plays bass with The Hums at our Pajama Jams.  We've missed him these last few years as he has been performing around the country, as well as teaching in Brooklyn.  He's such a talented musician, energetic teacher, and great guy -- we can’t wait for you to get to know him!

But wait, there’s more good news!  No, GREAT news…!
As you know, we always listen to your feedback, and we try our hardest to make your and your little one’s musical experience the best it can be.  In that effort, we have been searching for a better space for families who take classes in our Ridgewood location.  After a long, hard search in Ridgewood and the surrounding towns, we are so excited to tell you we found an amazing place in the neighboring town of Glen Rock.  We know you are going to love it!  The studio is beautiful, and best of all there is a huge parking lot, which was one of the biggest complaints shared with us about Ridgewood. 
Our new space is conveniently located less than 2 miles from our current Ridgewood Studio, at 175 Rock Road in Glen Rock.  If you know where the Greek Taverna and the CVS is, right next to the train station, we are in the back building of that complex.  The studio is large enough to host birthday parties(!), play dates, and other special events.  Down the hall there is a yummy, healthy café and juice bar called Nectar Café.  We're also excited to share the building with Naturally Yoga and Gary Stevens TaeKwonDo. This new space will be a great place for your children to feel good, sing, dance, be silly and have fun learning through music.
We hope you will join us for open houses in the beginning of September (dates to come shortly) as well as some free music classes to kick of the 2013-2014 season of Music for Aardvarks in Bergen County! 
Please check out our class schedule, registration opens on Monday, August 19th at 5pm, and is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Tuition for the Fall semester is $245 for the ten week session, but tuition is discounted to $225 if you register during the first 24 hours!  Please mark your calendars, we encourage you to register sooner rather than later, especially if you wish to do a morning class with friends.   Registration is done all online through our website at, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us or email us at 201-615-1292 and
We are so excited to jam with you this Fall! 
See Ya Soon,
Cindy and Sean

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