Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kilroy('s) was (is) Here

I find myself in like five supermarkets a week. Sometimes less but usually it's a combo of Shop Rite, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Pathmark and then a random depending where I am- possibly Oakland Farmer's Market (indoor), Kings, Stop & Shop, and finally Kilroy's, right here in Glen Rock.

I've had a theory since I moved here in 2006 that Glen Rock stays so quaint because it's surrounded by a "wall" of supermarkets. In Ridgewood surrounding area there are three, Fair Lawn surrounding area has two, and then on the Hawthorne border is one more. No one is coming IN to town to shop at Kilroy's but some of the people here are using it as their main market. I haven't been able to use it as my main market because I need certain brands of most everything. I also need a good selection of organic and healthier options. I have a four year old who also happens to be very picky. And I'm picky for him. But I also own a retail business and we're open six days a week. My son has school and extracurricular activities and I don't always have time to ride all the way to TJ's and Whole Foods is really expensive.

I run to Kilroy's all the time for something I've forgotten or just for convenience. But I don't buy a lot there because they really didn't have a lot of organic choices or just healthier options. So imagine my surprise and feelings of joy to see Applegate Farms organic products in the freezer. They also have taken in Earth's Best organic waffles and French toast sticks. I'm sure there was more in the way of organics but I was in a hurry and didn't get to really look around. But I saw those things and was thrilled at the direction Kilroy's seems to be going in. Now, if I had to run out to grab something for E quickly, it doesn't seem like such a huge pain in the ass. The Applegate Farms Organic burgers (beef/turkey) are $6.99. Some Shop Rite stores sell it for $7.99 so Kilroy's is definitely not pricing themselves out. I didn't see if they have kefir or Applegate organic hot dogs but who knows what might be around the bend for them. They might have had some Amy's Organic stuff too.

So, don't count the little guy out. I try to shop local mom & pop as much as I can because I, too, am local mom & pop. But they have to have all of what I need....and now...they actually do. They'll definitely see more business from me! Get me some organic puree pouches (Plum Tot, Happy Baby, Ella's, etc), Dickinson's Seedless Black Raspberry jelly (my own vice), Coleman organic nuggets (green box), Lifeway or local brand lowfat kefir, Annie's organic products, and Horizon 1% milk (regular not flavored) boxes by the case and maybe I won't have to leave town so often.


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