Saturday, June 16, 2012


Just like burgers, Fro-yo is having an unbelievable resurgence. Remember in the 80's where all of a sudden there were TCBY's, Colombo's, and Everything Yogurt's everywhere? Hell, my college roommate Aimee was a manager at Everything Yogurt for years. It was the cool thing to get- the "healthier", less caloric cousin to ice cream and everyone seemed on the bandwagon. Then one by one they started closing up. My mom really liked Colombo. They were in Emerson in that weird spot across from the railroad station store. It's been a million things since then. I think it's a hair salon now.

Out of what seems like the blue Bergen County now seemed chock full of frozen yogurt places, each intent on outdoing the last. Oddly, in my opinion, a CUPS just opened in Bergen Town Center- or the extension of it. It's where Health Spa 2 used to be. Unfortunately for them, there is nothing else yet in that strip of the mall except REI behind it. I guess the positive is that they have tons of parking for now because no one else is there. But there is also no reason to go over there unless you JUST want to go there. Or REI. I find this location odd because Frozen Peaks just opened within the last year INSIDE the other part of the mall.

Essentially they are almost the same. Down to the same spoons just in different colors. They have cool music playing, kind of loud, tons of flavors, self serve, pretty much the same toppings, and young girls working there. I tried a bunch of flavors all in my one cup- Red Velvet, Cake Batter, Strawberry & Cheesecake. I liked them all. Of course I love those little cookie dough pieces so I threw them in there too. This time I skipped the dark chocolates with the raspberry filling but I wanted them. I did notice as I was paying that they had cereal to put in as a topping, like Lucky Charms. That could be dangerous. I don't know if any of the other places have that. It was good. For me, it was better than going to Frozen Peaks because it was nearing 5p and I didn't feel like battling for a space in the busy part of the mall parking lot. Here I was able to run in and out. But that won't be the case once other stores join CUPS on that side.

I will say there were way too many people working there. I think there were FOUR girls in there. And the two behind the counter weren't paying any bit of attention to me whatsoever. They were deep in some teenage conversation that may have been interesting to eavesdrop on but not the best for customer service. It's not that anything was "wrong"- I got the right change, a spoon, etc. But I don't know- it's a new store. They should sort of be on there best customer service behavior. Especially with so much competition. It would be like if someone came into my store and I just continued to play around on the Internet while they were talking to me.

But it's worth a try. Especially if you're in a hurry. Get there while they still have the whole parking lot to themselves. It would be cool if they were able to put a few tables outside too.


  1. I didn't like Cups when I went. Let's Yo is my favorite with Twist in Westwood a close second. I hope to get to Spoon Me in Old Tappan soon!

  2. I didnt think there was really anything not to like. I just feel like they're all kind of the same. What I do care about, having a 3 yr old, is seating. Ideally I'd like to be able to sit, and in the summer, if possible, sit outside. And I like having a lot of flavor choices. It seems like Frozen Peaks, TCBY & CUPS always have at least one or two I'd like to eat. Red Mango is coming or has come to Ridgewood so I'm sure I'll try that soon enough.