Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Talent On the Big Stage

Fall Showcase at Kraine Theater on the Lower East Side

It's about that time again. Winter semester is starting up again at the end of January for Actors Technique NYC. I know, I know- "the city?!" Yes. In NYC. On Saturdays or Sundays. I swear to you- I leave my house at 11:30a, I stop for bagels and I get there early for what was previously a 12:30p class. Now it's 12p-1p, which works much better for me, actually. It's pretty much right outside the Lincoln Tunnel (coming from NJ). There is an Alliance Parking Garage right down the street on 36th, which I pay ahead of time. Twenty-one dollars for ten hours of parking. Paying ahead I can decide to leave my car and do other fun things in the city to make a day of it. In the spring and fall, sometimes we would go to Central Park after class or get a bite to eat. It's not hard to get to and for whatever reason, it's an easy ride in on either Saturday or Sunday at that time.

E really enjoys his class and I feel he's gotten a lot out of it. He's five years old. He learned a monologue and he's found that he's really good at memorization, even just from being fed lines- versus actually reading, which he can't do. Yet. They put him on camera numerous times where he gets to watch himself back. From doing that, he is mindful of fidgeting or not making eye contact. If nothing else, these are great life skills to learn at his age. His confidence is also at an all time high from being able to get up in front of a room of teenagers, then a theater full of parents, industry, teens, tweens and peers and do an awesome job showcasing all he's learned.

I definitely feel that taking this class, having meeting with agents and managers, and from being on camera, he's gained a maturity he wouldn't have otherwise.

Sometimes it's been a three-kid class and sometimes there have been around eight. You can sign up for a few classes or a whole semester. You can pay ahead of time or on a payment plan. It's very flexible. If your kid wants to act or you want to see if it's something they'd like- this is the place to do it. They get access to agents and managers weekly. That's priceless in and of itself.

TOTS in TV & Film Improv. & On-Camera Act/Audition 4 - 6 Yrs


image Jan 31, 12:00 PM
Watch them On-Stage in our final Showcase Day!

9-Week Showcase Options or 6-Week Tots Intensives

Saturdays, January 31st - March 28th, Noon - 1:00pm
Sundays, February 1st - March 29th, Noon - 1:00pm

AUDITS ARE FREE, BUT NON-PARTICIPATORY. They give the parent and child an idea of whether this class is for them. Should you want your child to participate in the hour, we respectfully request $60 in advance, as we need to be conscious of our youngest who have paid for the same class and are preparing to move up to the Kids Program and end of term showcases. Thank you in advance.

It's never too early to teach our youngest good habits and expression. In this fun class series, our youngest actors will explore the range of feelings and emotions we feel and how to use them in an honest and natural way in our acting. Top ATNY Coaches bring in the camera to teach them the art of proper sight lines, less fidgeting and stronger focus. We invite our parents into the class periodically to see the development of our young actors and how we teach.

For continuing Tots , our expectations are raised as we incorporate previous session understanding and use this class to reinforce good habits for the young actor. It's a process and it takes repetition and time.

NOTE: If your child has attention deficit issues or is hyper-active, we respectfully request you inform us so we can be aware in our attempt to work with your child.

9-Week Registration: $495 ($55 per class)
6-Week Intensives: $345 (Please call ATNY or phone registration).
1-Class: $60

Friendly Payment Options upon request!

Regrettably, No Refunds for Missed Classes. Future Class Make-Ups Only.

A GREAT HOUR for our Youngest Actors!

Friendly customized payment plans upon request, please call us!

Full Program
Cost: $495
Member Cost: $446
Single Class

Cost: $60
Member Cost: $54

This semester's small class at the Showcase

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