Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Science Tree

 I don't have a Christmas tree. That's a whole other long story but I don't and we're not going to have one. But I do like to look at them. I always marvel at how "organized" or themed some trees are and look as professional as in a display. I had a tree as a kid and we just sort of put up the same ornaments year after year in any haphazard way. Then we threw some tinsel on it and called it a day. I kind of wish I still had those 1970's ornaments. They were pretty ugly but just so kitchy 70's.

I realize that I like a tree theme and the more unique, the better. I'd never be able to execute it though. My attention deficit would be fighting with my OCD. I need balance but trying to eye up that tree and get the stuff all in the correct, balanced place would just take too much time, attention, and energy. None of which I am or have in a large supply.

I do have two small trees outside that B has relented on decorating so we have blue and silver balls on them. It took me quite awhile, in the cold, with E shadowing me, and some broken balls. And they aren't even fully even. In my defense, the trees are last year's trees and we're lucky they're still alive. They have some dead spots and overgrown spots so it would've been impossible to make them look more identical or balanced. I just try not to look at them that closely.

My friend's husband Seth sells these Glassic gifts. Normally, they're just to have- thermometers and such. But they also make Christmas ornaments of the larger items they sell. He asked me if I wanted to have a box of the five ornaments because I have the regular versions at home. I jumped at his offer, even sans tree. Why? Because they look cool. I don't need a tree for them. They already found a home in my store hanging from the metal shelving next to my desk. I have the bigger one of the thermometer with all the colors that I LOVE. I've wanted one since one of my sorority sisters had one in her room.

Imagine a whole "scientific" tree? I think that would make the most interesting tree, ever. Definitely not something you see everyday but if you have a budding or working scientist in your house, it would surely express their personality.

One of those balls is supposed to have colored liquid in it
 but I'm at work with these, writing this.
If you're looking for a fun, more interesting gift for someone into science or being the next Sam Champion, check these out. Or if you just want to change up the theme of your own tree, here's a fresh idea.

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