Thursday, December 4, 2014

Famous Neighbors

I came out of my house to go to work today and there was a copy of today's Bergen Record on my windshield. It had a note on it that said- "It's nice to have famous neighbors". I opened it and there was a big photo of B doing his thing on page three of their special Homescape section. Thank you neighbors (Steve & Nandy) for the heads-up!

It's a great article. Thanks Luiza Grunbaum! The only thing I would like to correct is that we DO actually tell people what kind of lighting fixture(s) and lamps to put in their home. We were on a "house call" last night actually, helping someone decide on a chandelier we're going to custom make for them. We have to take our five year old with us, but we surely come to people's homes to survey the space and come up with a great design for their room. Just wanted to throw that out there. And there is a big reason WHY we go and it isn't just because we want to sell a chandelier.

This woman's home was really cool. She has eclectic taste and she had a lot of really great, interesting pieces in her home. We instantly got a warm feeling upon entering her house. She even has nice lamps. Except the SHADES on those lamps were awful. They made the lamps not really fit with the rest of the décor. And make no mistake, these are expensive lamps. "Name" lamps. She had no idea how bad the shades are. Why did she have no idea? Because "those are expensive lamps by well-regarded designers". It was just assumed they "know what they're doing". She loves the lamps but was never sold on the shades. She just didn't trust her own instincts. I'd say that's most people. They just figure they must be wrong if this is what XYZ company decided what was best.

XYZ company doesn't really CARE what shade goes on the lamp. I guess they count on their name and the base being the main sellable features. What people need to understand is that just because it comes together doesn't mean it's the best or most attractive or well made option. It's what was cost effective to put on it. There are very FEW lamp companies that actually put a shade on of the same caliber as the lamp base. They just don't. We know this because we used to make the shades for many lamp companies, many years ago. Until they figured out they could send our stuff to China and knock it off. Cheaper and less well-made, but the bottom line always wins out in mass production. However, we all know the difference between a knock off and the real thing, don't we?

When we pointed out that you can see the bulb through the one shade, on the most expensive lamp, the second one's shade frame was crooked and too small overall, and the last was just too big, not even the right shape and made of plastic, she just handed us all the lamps and told us we can fix it all. When we're done, they're going to look spectacular AND fit much better into her décor.

So that's why I'm pointing out that we do "house calls". A designer might know best what to do with other parts of your home, but WE know what to do when it comes to lighting.

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