Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Early Gift

 I've written about Melinmade sweater coats a few times already. But y'all know how I am when I love something. I loved all her coats but there wasn't one that really STRUCK me that I felt I HAD to have for me. I'd think, "I like it a lot, but what else does she have...". If I got one, I wanted to KNOW I got The ONE.

I'd corresponded with Melinda a few time and mentioned I'd like something with burgundy and blues. Just no tan, brown or beige of any kind.

She messaged me a week or so ago and said she made one, with me in mind, in my size, and if I could, to come take a look when she was showing in Wayne, this past Sunday. She wanted me to come see, try it on, and then if I wasn't going to take it, she wanted to be able to put it out for sale early in the show.

I went to Wayne. The coat is now MINE. I love it. It's perfect. I didn't know exactly what I was thinking when I was trying to dream up what would be the perfect one, but when I saw this one- I knew. It's ALL my colors. I can wear it with any of my casual or nicer boots and pretty much my whole closet would match.

It's super warm- wool and cashmere, it has two pockets and I love the button and tie closure. Though, I think my favorite part is the thumb holes like you'd find on running/active gear. Or the hood- WHO could forget the HOOD. The bottom is really swingy too. I feel like a medieval princess when I'm wearing it. Princess Buttercup, as you wish.

Thank you Melinmade! I love my new coat. It's keeping me warm at work too. It's so unique- who wants something everyone else has?  I love knowing I'll never see another person wearing the exact same one. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it already.

And hey- boutique owners- she needs to be in your stores. So get on that.



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