Monday, December 8, 2014

Art News

I saved up some art class posts for a few reasons. I didn't want to bore anyone with strictly art posts AND I was having trouble with my photos from my iPhone. I have the 5s and for whatever reason, it was not syncing my photos. I tried removing the Facebook app and re-downloading it and it worked once, then it didn't work, then it worked again but days later. It was a real pain. I'm on an upswing right now where they are all syncing, and in a timely fashion, but who knows how long that will last. I can write other blogs without photos but not the art ones! I could get them on here in other ways but it's ridiculously time consuming and annoying. But now I have them all. Lucky you!

This post is going to be pretty picture heavy. Just FYI.

I *think* these are weeks 11, 12 & 13.

Week 11: Cityscapes

The kids were doing "cityscapes". They were supposed to do their canvas in watercolors and then draw a city or elements of a city on top of the watercolors. The older kids had it down pat but the 5-7 year olds got a little overzealous with the water in watercolor. Their canvases were too wet to draw on in the time they had. So they left their canvases to dry while they drew their "city" on another paper. I actually took E's and made the watercolor page the "mat" at home. E chose the Eiffel Tower. I was super impressed with his drawing job of it. The girls in his room did a really great job too.

Finished products


Week 12: Still Life

There was a spread of fruit out for the kids to look at and decide how they want to do their still life. They were going to draw and then use cray-pas and paint. I thought they did an amazing job. It's really cool to see the growth of all the kids from week to week.


Week 13: Peacock
The kids had to pick a peacock they liked from the photos of paintings hung on the wall. E picked a different one than I thought he would. They drew it, then used cray-pas, then watercolor paints over the cray-pas. It was really cool. I caught E in the middle so I got to see it in a few stages. We're framing the peacock.


There are always other things going on at The Drawing Room when I'm there for E's class. Sometimes there is a Mommy & Me class next door and there is usually high school students working on their portfolios. So these are some pics of both. In Mommy & Me, they were doing

Mommy & Me
clay pizza. 
Clay pizza
Christine & her student

Drawing Room

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