Sunday, August 3, 2014

Not so 40 Hair: Part 1

I haven't written at all about turning 40 so I'm going to do this in two parts. In this one, I just want to talk about my hair.

Don, Me, Neil
I always talk about my hair when I have it done but this time I have different aspects to discuss. I've been getting it colored with pink and purple for over a year now. I don't even remember how long exactly. At first I did a little here and there, then I did it in highlight form from the root, and then I tried more of an ombre look. But since I wear my hair straight down a lot, there was too defined of a line of regular color and then the purple. If I actually did my hair on a daily basis, like curling it and such, it would look great. Except, I don't.

I brought Don at Salon Azano some photos where someone had just pieces around the face that had the purple/pink. So he asked- "Less of an ombre look then?". I said- "Yeah, I think so. Well, do whatever." He did. And I was thrilled.

It came out awesome. I got regular blond-ish highlights on the top and in front, but with some pieces of pink and purple around the face and underneath on the side. B said it was my best hair yet. I took a photo in the salon. But I stupidly stand under the same light every time I do that and I look terrible. It just washes me out and makes me look like I have no eyes and a wide nose. I might, but in other lights, I look better and I prefer thinking I look like those photos. Who wouldn't?!

He used Eufora's new color line. Everyone has been noticing my hair. I washed it today for the first time since Friday. It just feels nicer. Softer. It looks shinier. Usually, I frizz a lot, especially in weather like we're having now. But I have minimal frizz. It's amazing. B says the color is more vibrant. He'd just got it in the week before I was there. I came in this past Tuesday so he was all ready for me.

That bring me to....::::shuuuussshhh:::: My cheating. No, no. I would never cheat on Don. I'd never get my hair cut or colored by someone else. Last time I did that was like ten years ago and I learned my lesson. Hard. But I made a blow-out appointment near me at Moxie in Ridgewood. Before I get a thousand lashes, let me explain. I love Don. He does the BEST hair. But he's FAR from me. At least far for a simple thing like blow drying. I drive to Don for the "important" stuff like cut and color. But I've never gotten a blow-out before and I didn't have time this day to drive to Norwood and back. As an aside- luckily I didn't attempt that because there were flash floods and there was no way to get there or back at that hour. It takes me at least thirty-five to forty-five minutes on a good weather day. It's worth it for a cut and color though. Anyone who cares about their hair knows that!

I'd never had a blow-out before as just...a thing. I have friends who do it all the time. It's just not my thing because my hair is relatively easy. I've always had long-ish hair but it's not thick and I don't really style it. Especially for work. I just dry it, which takes 7-10 minutes and I run the flat iron over some spots and go. An hour into work I have it in an elastic. So why would I have someone else dry my hair? I mean, granted, I've said that if I won the lottery, I'd have someone wash & dry my hair all the time, but that's just out of laziness. I'm like Frances McDormand in Friends With Money- "My arms get tired...". I also didn't realize they dry it and then style it more than just making it straight.

Everyone I know here has gone or currently goes to Moxie. So I figured since it was just a few minutes away, that would be my place. Plus, who could resist seeing the scene of RHONJ fight crime (there was an infamous fight there in the finale of RHONJ last year)? I called and asked for them to explain to me the three different blow-out options. I took a blow-out and a simple style (with curls). They then made me an appointment with Olga.

I went there in a monsoon. My first blow-out, I get out of the car, and water is up to my ankles. Awesome. I went in and it all began. It was busy. Really busy. Look, I've been going to Don for like twenty years. I'm used to things his way. This was a little chaotic for me. A little assembly-line-ish. But I also don't go to Don on a Friday night or Saturday, so I can't speak to that. But it's just different. A different vibe. I was on a "line" for hair washing. Sometimes, depending on what's going on and who is there, Don will also wash my hair. So it's very personal.

It's also very casual in Moxie. I didn't know who was working and who was just...there. Either waiting for their hair to be done, just hanging out (?), or what. I'm casual at work, but there is only one of me so it's clear who is working. My other thing was- since I wasn't at a station yet, what do I do with my handbag? The washroom is small. They have a dresser thing in there but it's for stuff the staff needs. I don't know why they don't have some hooks on the wall or cubbies right there for people to put their stuff in. Not in front or somewhere else where you can't see it, but just in that wash room. I had two umbrellas and a small crossbody bag. I didn't want to just leave it on the dresser. Not that I thought someone was going to steal it, even though it was bustling with people back there, but it was on it's side and I was afraid stuff was just going to start falling out. I'm really not knocking them- just giving my first impressions. There was nothing wrong with the place, just some observations.

But then...James started washing my hair. And someone could've dumped my bag on the floor. I wouldn't have cared. I feel bad even saying this because I LOVE when Brittany at Azano washes my hair. James is awesome though in his own right. He has strong hands and he knows how to use them. He washed and massaged and it was fabulous.

I went to Olga next for my hair drying and style. I have to admit, I was nervous. What if it was ugly? What if I looked like Shirley Temple going to prom? Could I fix it?

I didn't need to worry. It was perfect. It was the best styling ever. I wish I could recreate it myself but I can't. I already know it. I actually don't even know what she did. It was something she did on the top that I really liked. I'm sure I could make big curls. But I loved the front and then the way the curls looked. I wish I paid more attention when she was doing it. I felt like I did when Don did my wedding hair. Like, I wanted to keep it forever.

So check out Don or the other girls at Salon Azano for your cut & color in Norwood. But if you need a local to Glen Rock or Ridgewood blow-out, ask for James to wash your hair and Olga to style it up. I am beyond pleased with my not-so-40 looking hair.

Salon Azano:

Moxie: - I went to the original Moxie, not the blow-dry bar across the street. That's important to know because there are quite a few locations now.

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