Monday, August 18, 2014

Cake & BBQ

Enjoying the cake
I love cake. Everyone knows I love cake. But finding good cake is always a challenge. We were going to visit friends in Asbury for an early dinner after going to a kid's party down in that general area, then the beach, earlier that day. Because we were already out and about and not going to be by a refrigerator, I couldn't buy something up by us in north Jersey. I wasn't going to leave any kind of baked goods in my car all day in the sun. EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS BARELY SUN.

I normally would've picked up a kokash or a meltaway from Zadies, thanks to Cohen, and called it a day. That's my new go-to dessert place ever since Pam closed a la cupcakes. I'm not bringing crappy cake to anyone's home. And honestly, most places do have sub-par cake. Zadies rocks, but sometimes you also need other variety and I'm not about to trust someone else's kokash. If I don't know your kokash, I can't give my stamp of approval and people expect stellar bakery items from me. No one expects me to bring over kick-ass marinara, but dessert- yes, they do. And brisket.

As we were leaving the beach, I googled nearby bakeries. This one was closing in like forty-five minutes. So we had to motor. It's called Cravings in Allenhurst. I never heard of Allenhurst but it's like two miles from where we were going. We quickly got over there before they were closing. I was so spazzed out from being in a hurry, I didn't know what to do. I ran in with two ten dollar bills so I either had to get something under twenty dollars or run back out again. I didn't feel like doing that. Everything looked awesome but it was a bit pricey. Almost every cake there was twenty-four dollars or over. They had some smaller versions of the big ones for ten dollars each and then there were some cool frosted cakes that were decent sized for sixteen and twenty-two dollars. I picked a chocolate cake with pink (vanilla) icing. It wasn't filled or anything so I was wary. Everyone knows most chocolate cake is dry. It just is. That's why I don't usually like chocolate cake. It was the right size and the right price though so I took it. And a shark sugar cookie. I just wanted to taste the cookie. If the cookie was good, that's my barometer- the cake would be good. I was hoping, anyway.

I split the cookie three ways and we gobbled it down on the way to our friends. E said it was the best cookie ever but he says that about a lot of things. It actually WAS a really good cookie though. I had high hopes for the cake.

We got to Asbury and our friends rented a place in The Griffin. It's a gorgeous building where they've built up Asbury. It's across from the restaurant "Toast". I know this place because we went there a few years ago, after hearing they make red velvet pancakes. They do, and they're good too.

Walking into this condo they are staying in, I wanted to move in too. It is amazing. Huge, floor to ceiling windows, unique d├ęcor and furniture. Not our style lighting, but I'd take it anyway. It's also within walking distance of the beach.

They had brought in barbeque even though they actually cook. They own a restaurant, Bogota, in Park Slope. But they heard E and I are quite picky- we both eat like five year olds. So they got something easier and kid friendly. Local Smoke BBQ. It was FANTASTIC. Chicken, ribs, green beans, macaroni & cheese, corn bread. It was SO, SO good. I had been jonesing for our usual meal at the Windmill we usually have after leaving the beach but now all I'm thinking about is barbeque.

Then we broke out the cake. Oh. My. This was the moistest chocolate cake EVER. I ate barbeque and cake until I felt like I would pop. Everything about the cake was noteworthy. I would definitely go there again to pick something up to bring back up north. Pam left me with a cake void I've really yet to fill here. There are items here and there that I like at some bakeries, but none quite as good as hers and definitely no cupcakes. Now I'm starting to think that all the really good bakeries are in the Monmouth area.

It ended up being a great day- good friends and good food. Couldn't ask for more. 

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