Tuesday, August 5, 2014

201 Best of Bergen 2015

So every year 201 Magazine does the Best of Bergen issue in February of the new year. But the voting starts in August and usually goes until November.

We need your vote! Let's make this the FIFTH year in a row!

Best Home D├ęcor store is #72 in the Best of Bergen Readers Poll- That's our category. Just type in Shades of Soho, Glen Rock.

We really appreciate it. Winning is really important to us- it's a great way to get some free advertising, a boost in sales, and just getting the word out there that we exist. We can't do it without you and your votes.



Oh, and don't forget to vote for your other local favorites!

For example- some of mine... ;-)

#85 Best Salon- Salon Azano, Norwood
#86 Best Woman's Stylist- Don Grazano
#87 Best Colorist- Don Grazano

But there also some other locals to vote for, especially in Glen Rock-

Gift Shop- Verdi Blu
Kosher Deli- Kosher Nosh
Florist- Perry's
Farmstand- Herold's
Italian Restaurant- RoCCa
Pub Grub- Glen Rock Inn

And the list goes on...

Now, those are just MY favorites....

But there are 100 categories, so get to voting! Help your local favorite small businesses with just a click of a button.

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