Thursday, August 28, 2014

Everybody Dance Now

We moved. Dance schools. Wyckoff School of Dance was great for the past three years but E was over ballet and tap. He wanted to try Hip Hop. I went looking for Hip Hop. I didn't have to go far.

I know this woman Toni from my ZTA alumni group. I'm not exactly sure what she has to do with Dance Education Unlimited 2 in Fair Lawn, but I'd been seeing posts on Facebook from her since they opened. I'd trust her judgment on where to send a kid to dance or gymnastics. Her daughter did competitive gymnastics for years. I'd also seen a Groupon for classes at DEU over the year but I didn't know E wouldn't want to do ballet/tap again and ask to do Hip Hop. I investigated a little further over this summer and see they not only have Hip Hop, but also Breakdancing, Pop N Lock, and other really cool sounding classes. I don't have time or money for more than one class a week but you can take unlimited classes there and the more you do a week, the cheaper it is for the year.

I actually find the cost, especially with the Groupon to be very reasonable. One class per week is $555 for the school year (Sept-through whenever they end in the spring). With the Groupon for six classes, if you buy for the year, it comes out to a $90 discount ($15/class). $555 is around what it cost me for tuition for Wyckoff. It's also a lot closer to me than Wyckoff.

Here is the Groupon:

I think if three people buy one from this link, Groupon gives you money back. But I can't find the info on that.

E did a trial Jazz/Hip Hop class this afternoon. It was GREAT. When we got there, a boy his age was doing a Breakdance class. E was in awe. He'd love to take that too but we don't have time for two classes a week. Not with all the other stuff he wants to do. But I will definitely consider it for next year. There is a Back Handspring clinic too. I wish I had unlimited time and funds or I'd sign him up for all of them. This trial class was no joke either. My kid who is always on the go and asking what's next was saying he's tired by the last few minutes of the class. I couldn't believe it. He also had to learn a whole short routine that the other two in the class had been learning for months already. He was able to keep up but it looked difficult! Definitely more intense than anything he's taken so far. I thought it was awesome. It was a real workout.

The music was good too. All popular dance beats. E knew them all of course. He especially liked, "Fancy", which he sings non-stop from hearing at camp this summer. I signed up for the school year as soon as the trial class was finished.

They are doing a Kinder Club on Tues & Thurs too- for those of you whose town still has half-day K and needs something else for your kid to do when school is finished mid-day.

Kinder Club is a program designed to produce a happy, healthy and fit child.  Throughout the course of the program your child will be stretching, dancing, and enhancing fine motor skills.  Painting, singing, group games, learning music and rhythm, and basic tumbling are activities all children enjoy learning and practicing.  All this is done in a motivating, self-esteem building, fun and nurturing atmosphere.

This is a great program for children to spend the afternoon while parents can run errands, prepare dinner, or even take a nap.  Winter and inclement weather will soon be here with no chance to play outside.  Video games and TV watching do not make a healthy or fit child.  Let them burn some energy and learn and play in a safe and joyful studio.

DEU Main page:

DEU schedule:

Dance Education Unlimited 2

7-15 Fair Lawn Avenue
Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410


They're having an open house!

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