Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hidden Part Deux

Entry #2 of being the Town Crier of all things Glen Rock small business: I'm letting people know what IS going on in the back of 175 Rock Road in Glen Rock. No, I'm not getting any kickbacks or cool stuff for doing it. I've just been recently alerted by various online discussions that people don't think anything is really back there. Meanwhile, there are these little businesses just chug-chug-chugging along trying to do their thing.

I think maybe I'm a Google snob. As in, if I don't know something, I look it up. Doesn't even need to be on Google, that's just my preferred term. I spend a huge portion of my days looking stuff up. That's why B thinks I NEED to be on Jeopardy. I know a lot of random information, and that's really even how this blog ended up coming to fruition. Friends of ours pushed me into putting all my randomness in one organized space. Anyway, I would think if you live in a town, you'd want to know ALL the businesses in the downtown, especially when it isn't that big of a downtown to begin with. And when you're suggesting to others in town that a whole building should just be leveled to make a senior center, you should know whose businesses you're effectively saying just aren't all that important. Seeing as there are definitely folks here that don't know there is a little cluster of businesses that are all really kid friendly in the back of the CVS parking lot, I have taken upon myself to make people aware.

There is Naturally Yoga that offers classes for kids, Gary Stevens TaeKwonDo studio, Nectar Café for healthy, nutritious liquid fare, Moonlight Ballroom which offers classes for adults and children. Finally, Music for Aardvarks is moving in and going to be ready for classes starting at the end of September. I wouldn't be surprised if more kid-friendly businesses moved back there to make a little complex like Hooper Ave was in Waldwick. They recently lost In The Swing and I heard Gymboree is or is going out too.

My son has done both yoga and Aardvarks and if I had more time & money, he'd probably be taking TaeKwonDo there too. How could I beat the convenience of everything being in the same parking lot? If I had multiple kids, it's possible that I could have one doing karate, one in yoga all while doing a mommy & me at Music for Aardvarks.

B, E & I took a ride to the back of the lot to see if Aardvarks had opened yet. They haven't but I grabbed some fliers. One was the menu for Nectar Café and the other is a flier from Gary Stevens that says they do birthday parties. Had no idea. Every beginning of the school year the talk of the moms is where to have a party. Most of the time, especially in preschool, it's encouraged to invite the whole class and you end up with anywhere from 10-30 kids. It's hard to find a space, somewhere affordable and clean, and on the date you want it. Tall order. So I always like to know of yet another place who does parties. Well, Gary does. He does regular TaeKwonDo classes all year but I wanted to mention the parties since school is starting soon and that means party planning has begun....

Party details:
Saturdays 5-6:30
Running & jumping games
Stretch & warm up
Intro martial arts lesson
Wood breaking

It's $250 for up to 12 children. Additional children are $10/ea

Master Stevens & assistants
Thank You notes
Table cloths
Wood for breaking
Clean facility & clean up after

Free class gift for each child

You just have to get your own refreshments. I'm thinking a few pizzas, a cake, and call it a night.

So there is another local birthday party option. Considering some of these parties can end up costing over $1000 when all is said and done, that's a pretty affordable option if you don't have a ton of kids to have to invite.

I also just saw this:

Gary's place has been back there for three years. But he was on Rock Rd for many years before that. Here is their website and FB page for more info on all things that go on there:

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