Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hidden Nectar

I got an email  a couple of weeks ago that Music for Aardvarks was moving to 175 Rock Road. Coincidentally, that's my store address too, which means, they're moving to the back of the shopping plaza. There is a long L-shaped building back there. Apparently, people in town think there is nothing actually back there. There are two Facebook pages for the town that people use to convey information. Or just bitch, which I think seems to be more of what goes on in both of them. But that's beside the point. There has been a lot of controversy over where to put this senior housing complex that is supposed to go up somewhere in town. There are people who just start throwing out that "We should knock down 175 Rock, in the back, where it's under-utilized! Stick the seniors back there! It'll be fine. There's nothing back there!" I'm paraphrasing of course, but that was the consensus of a few people.

So in the interest of people's LIVELIHOODS, I thought I'd do a few entries on what the hell IS actually back there- what are VIABLE businesses, people's only sources of income, in a town where we are having trouble keeping small businesses on the "main" part of the center of town. Since it seems like it's too much work to take a ride down there to explore the businesses that they could be supporting, I thought I'd bring them to light here.

My first mini-profile (that's what I'm calling it) is: Nectar Café

Coincidentally, in the last two weeks or so, since we are at the front of the shopping plaza, we've been getting inquiries as to where some of the businesses are that are in the back. I've had at least 3-4 people come in looking for Nectar Café. And these people are coming from ALL OVER. I think the last person to ask was from the Lyndhurst or Rutherford area.

My husband asked why she would come all the way here and she said something about this being one of the few places that do "cold-pressed juicing". I'll be honest. I have no idea what that means. Juicing isn't *my* thing. BUT, it's something my husband would probably like and I know it's the latest craze. I have friends who have gone to almost all juicing diets. I've been told that people with certain cancers can benefit from juicing. And I guess cold-pressed is something extra good.

Nectar Café opened last fall sometime. I remember because it's owned by the people who own the Yoga studio which is ALSO BACK THERE. Naturally Yoga is the name. My then-3 year old was taking a yoga class there after school when Sheryl, the owner, came in with juices for us all to try. They were getting ready to open and they were experimenting with flavors.

It's a small place, tucked back in that corner, but I don't know of anywhere else locally that is doing the same thing. It's also a pretty big menu. I'm looking at it now and there are twenty-one kinds of juice, fifteen smoothies, "shots" (not the kind you find at the local bar), and soups. The prices seem pretty competitive for those that tend to drink their calories rather than eat it. There are shots that start at $1.75, juices are around $6.50 and smoothies go from $7-$10.


Benefits of juicing:

175 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

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