Monday, September 9, 2013

Have Your Cake & Cheese it Too

One night a couple of weeks ago, it was really nice out on a Saturday evening. You'd think that would be the norm for the summer in NJ but this summer...not-so-much. I feel like we had pretty terrible weather all summer. June was cold, July was rainy, HOT, humid and hazy. It felt more like typical August than July. Then August was weird too. If it's sunny, low humidity, and warm, we're all about being outside and trying to bask in it.

We decided to walk into town to eat dinner instead of driving somewhere. We thought we'd get pizza but we were open to whatever. We ate dinner in a short amount of time vs the two hours it can take with E when we're in the house. So we thought we'd just walk a little more, tire E out, and do some window shopping in the windows of the shops that are left on Rock Road.

There were tables and chairs outside Marc's Cheesecake that caught our eye. There isn't a lot of al fresco dining in Glen Rock so I thought it was cool that he has seating out there. Right now, the only food establishments set up for eating outside are Greek Taverna, Gianella's Bakery & Deli, and The Glen Rock Inn. Before RoCCa Market changed to Rock Kitchen, they had some outdoor seating for a very short time. There are benches that are town property outside some of the storefronts but not actual tables and chairs.

Marc, of Marc's Cheesecake has been open here for awhile. Maybe a year? I'm not sure. He was in Clifton for eighteen years. But he moved here and he's at the top of the Rock downtown shopping district, in the small shopping plaza by the Boro Line train tracks.

He was open after we finished dinner and made our way up there. So it had to be close to 7p. I say that because most of the stores there are closed by then. We came in and I immediately said that we'd never been in there before but just wanted to check it out. Marc was very friendly and engaging. He told us the only rule he has is that we have to try a sample. And we did. Honestly, Ethan wasn't a fan, but he doesn't eat anything. So we won't go with his assessment. I normally don't really like cheesecake. I don't hate it or anything. Just don't love it. But I really liked this. I thought it was really good. I ate mine and then I ate E's too. I just tried a plain one but of course he has all flavors.

There are big cakes and small cakes to take with you. And they look cool. Definitely more of an interesting thing to grab if you're going to someone's house and need something to bring. I never want to bring the same-old thing to a hostess. And while I do like to bake something (I really do!), I don't always have the time. I would definitely stop in here to buy a cake. It's also convenient, being down the street from my store. Marc said a lot of his business is people walking off the train and coming in to get a cake for an impromptu get-together. Wife calls husband on the train, he picks up the cake on his walk home.

Marc is also selling Welsh Farms ice cream currently. But he said something about making his own at some point soon. E did have the mint chocolate chip while we were there and he was delighted with that. There are other things Marc makes besides cheesecake also. There are brownies and other seasonal cakes. He is also selling coffee. I don't drink coffee so I didn't pay enough attention to what's going on with that. But I DID take photos of his menu and prices, including the coffee so you can see for yourself.

Definitely stop in, say hello, and try a sample. It's worth it, especially now that we're going into the holidays. We're at the tail end of the Jewish High Holy Days but then the rest of them come up before you know it!

Marc's Cheesecake:

Link to flavors and prices of the cheesecakes:

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