Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Tutoring

This is my personal friend Nicole. Her kids are smart so I have to assume she can help yours out too! I can't imagine a better tutor- she's quick-witted and funny so she can make learning interesting. E is only three so he can't really benefit from her expertise yet, but I'll be calling her when I don't understand his 3rd grade math.

Here's the info from her flyer-

Nicole Cohen

(917) 363-0574

Private Tutor

·      Holds a Masters in Elementary Education from Columbia University

·      Currently a Literacy Staff Developer working in schools in Bergen County

·      Taught in the Gifted and Talented program at a top-ranked Manhattan public school

·      Offers Reading and Writing support and enrichment to students K-12

·      Works closely with classroom teachers to ensure consistency of goals

·      Summer tutoring available in order to prepare students for 2012-2013 academic year

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