Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Out & Proud (ly) Shameful

I don't usually get too political on here. Not because I don't love a good debate or expressing my opinions but because I usually just save it for Facebook. But in light of this being ginormous douchebag week in the media, I have no choice.

So first- hello, the Boy Scouts?? I never thought E would be a Boy Scout. I don't remember the Scouts being big when I was a kid. I never really thought about them before.  It's not like it was the thing to be in that made someone popular. Or not. I vaguely remember one or two guys I knew wearing the uniform but that could be my mind playing tricks on me. And that was the early 80's anyway when we weren't as progressive with gay rights. I don't know how much it came up then- I was under 14 in 1989 and below. But NOW? They have to come out (pun intended) and be anti-gay. No, sorry, I'm not buying your shitty popcorn to support your bigoted group. Kids- unfortunately, your parents aren't educated in bigoted groups or they don't care and that isn't your fault but I am conscious of where my hard earned money goes and the Boy Scouts aren't getting a dollar. Not even a penny. Shape up and get into this century Boy Scouts or I have a feeling you're going to be left with a lot of extra popcorn.

I've seen people respond to this by saying, the Boy Scouts teach good things and I don't want my kid to feel excluded, etc. Well, all my friends went to CCD and it sounded like fun that they were all together. Yet, my parents didn't send me there and I was fine. My friends were on the cheering squad and I wasn't- I lived & found something else to do. I'm sure there are a million other activities he could be involved in that have no anti-gay stance. Maybe he'll want to be president of PFLAG. I'd be totally cool with that. He already waves that rainbow flag at the PRIDE parade every year like a champ.  No, the Boy Scouts may not actively TEACH kids to be anti-gay but they actively & openly exclude people who are. That's NOT ok with me. I'll learn how to tie those fancy knots and how to survive in the wilderness myself and teach him if I think he'll need it. Somehow I've survived 38 years without knowing that though.

***Want more ammo to decide the Boy Scout organization is horrifying from the top- Check out the mom who was ousted as den mother to her son's Tiger Cub pack because she's a lesbian. Good for her for fighting but good luck having them give a shit. Because they won't.

Second- What the clucking cluck?!? Their anti-gay stance is why I don't get how people support Chick-Fil-A. Every time I see people liking their clucking page on Facebook, I'm scratching my head and embarrassed. THERE IS OTHER CHICKEN. BETTER. CHICKEN. I used to eat their chicken sometimes when I worked in Paramus Park as a teenager. I never thought it was that great. Apparently I was on to something. Even if it was the best clucking chicken around, I just can't support them. Go cluck yourself, Chick-Fil-A!!,b=facebook

I'm so riled up today, I can't take it. Sure, these are private organizations/companies and they can do whatever they want. But we're basically saying they have the right to bully and exclude. That's how I take it. And people just keep swallowing the popcorn and the chicken with their mouths wide open and their eyes closed. It's shameful.

STOP GIVING THESE DOUCHEBAGS YOUR MONEY. And Chick-Fil-A ain't shrinking your waistline either so I'm sure you can find something else to eat. Is there gay chicken anywhere? Let me know- you can have all my money.

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  1. Big Bird severed ties with fried bird:

    Also, as an Eagle Scout, there were two policies that I disagreed (and still disagree) with. Anti-Gay is one and Anti-Athiest is the other. I wonder if I told them that I was a Druid 24 years ago if they would have let me become an Eagle Scout.