Monday, September 22, 2014


It used to be a sub shop. And a gross looking one at that. Then it became Lucky's Steak Plate. But I never thought about going in because I knew what it looked like before. I totally judged the book by it's cover. I thought maybe the new owner just refaced it. I had no idea.

B went there a decent amount of times and told me it was really good. I wasn't really paying attention. I knew it said burgers and dogs, but there are so many of those hot dog joints around, I assumed it was mainly just a hot dog place. In my mind, those are gross. I don't eat hot dogs like that. I like a good, almost burned, Hebrew National. Like, off a home grill. But I've never ordered one in I know, I know. That's like sacrilege in the home of Rutt's Hutt. Hot dogs are just not my thing.

One night about two or three weeks ago we went to the CVS in Fair Lawn off Maple or whatever it turns into down there. By Rivara's. Lucky's is on the corner there, across from CVS. I saw the menu and freaked out. Cheesesteak. Not cheesesteak like down the shore with gross goopy yellow/orange cheese, but with MOZZARELLA. Like Roma when I lived at Rider. I've never been anywhere else but by Rider that had places who made cheesesteak with mozzarella. HAS to be mozzarella. That's what I ordered.

THEN, I saw wings. BBQ wings (they have other choices too). I haven't eaten wings since I tried Cluck U when TEHO went out of business, also by college. Cluck U was gross (sorry, but to me, it is). I have never found another wing worth eating. I don't like spicy and I don't like Buffalo. I decided to try these since they do have BBQ. Oh. My. God. SO GOOD.

Menu is pretty extensive with a lot of choices for switching it up. Different cheeses. Different wing sauces. Breakfast, lunch or dinner- there is always something great to choose from. They also have great desserts. Not stuff you'd normally see in your typical local burger place. More "upscale" dessert.

All of it. SO GOOD. My son ate his whole cheeseburger. The kid who eats nothing. Ate the whole thing. B has been there many times without me- whenever he hits Home Depot, he's stopping in Lucky's. Go there.

Atmosphere is casual and kid friendly but still nice. Flat screen TV's on the wall at each table. It looks like a 1950's Harley joint. I use the word joint like Danny (Rob Lowe) does in About Last Night. That's EXACTLY what this place is like. Cherry wood tables, stools covered in the Harley flame design. Everything is orange and black.

18-50 River Road
Fair Lawn NJ 07410
Call Us! 201-796-1999

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