Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Finds

Actually, this has nothing to do with fall or autumn really. It's mostly just finds. Finds that I have found close to fall season. But after yesterday's "heavy" post, I wanted to just put something out there a little more fun. I love to talk about cool stuff or places I've come across in my travels or experimenting. Or tv watching. Whatever.

First thing- I'm sorry to say, the one I like might be gone in like two weeks but that just means you have two weeks to hunt it down. Turkey Hill Greek Frozen Yogurt. It's SICK. I normally would NEVER try supermarket bought Fro-yo. Because it usually sucks. Ben & Jerry's? Sorry, it's awful. BUT- I LOVE Black Raspberry/Chocolate chip combos. I'm not even that into ice cream. It's one of those things I never really crave but then I eat it and I'm like- "why don't I eat this more?". America's Choice makes one of the only black raspberry/chocolate chip ice cream I've seen. It's the Pathmark brand. I like it, but it's really just...ok. I buy it sometimes when I'm in the mood, but I don't LOVE it. Then I found Fairway's store brand. It's EXCELLENT. Then I looked at the calories and it should be excellent for over 300 calories a half cup.

I was in Shop Rite and saw this Turkey Hill Raspberry Chokolata. It looked interesting and it's only 140 calories for a half cup. Sold. Why not try it? Oh. My. God. It's SO good. If you like that flavor combo. They make four others too. Of course, the kicker is- it's "Limited Edition"- WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! I bought five and shoved them into my second freezer.

Here are the descriptions and the time periods they're available for:
  • Baklava: Will be offered January through March, and contains vanilla Greek frozen yogurt with crunchy baklava pieces and a honey cinnamon swirl.
  • Lemoni Biskoti: Will be offered April through June, and includes lemon cream Greek frozen yogurt with a lemon shortbread swirl.
  • Raspberry Chokolata: Will be offered July through September, and contains raspberry Greek frozen yogurt with chocolaty slivers.
  • Sea Salt Caramel Truffle: Will be offered October through December, and contains caramel Greek frozen yogurt with sea salted caramel truffles.

My second find:

I just got the iPhone 5s. Yeah, yeah, I know. Why did I get it with the 6 looming? Because I don't WANT a phone with a huge screen. That's why I have an ipad and a laptop. I want a phone to be phone-sized. The 5 is big enough. And I'm trying to be economical. Sure, I didn't know you'd be able to trade in your old phone for a free 6. So I thought I was being economical. I got a 32g 5s which should be a lot better with space than my 8g 4. It's fine. Anyway- I like the 5s. It's fine. I'm not a mega mogul and I don't do anything on there but be on a mom/wife message board and Facebook. I don't need the latest technology.

I *AM* on the phone using data a lot. I use a lot of battery. On my old iPhone 4 I needed an external battery. I bought a Mophie Juice Pack Plus. I was hooked. It kept me from having a dead phone on the daily. Before I had the Mophie, I had an OtterBox Defender. I think Otterbox is the best made case around. I don't need a "sleek" iPhone. B says "THAT'S HOW THE iPHONE IS MEANT TO BE. THIN. SLEEK! YOU'RE RUINING IT!" But I say, no, ruining it would be dropping it one of the thousand times I do and having a shattered screen. I don't CARE if it looks like the size of a London Broil (thickness).

I saw OtterBox makes an external battery case. It's called Resurgence. I read all the reviews, all the comparisons of all the different external battery cases. That was just confusing. It basically just came down to the Mophie Juice Pack Plus being around a hundred and twenty dollars and the OtterBox being ninety-nine dollars and five or six percent back on Ebates. Also, the OtterBox Resurgence is the only one (so far) that stops charging the phone when it's done and only charges the case. I've read different things about helping save the life of the phone battery and apparently over-charging is a no-no. I found myself taking the Mophie off a lot just to charge the phone separately because the hole for it was in a weird place. It would get loose after awhile. I had to send back my first, and maybe my second Mophie because the wire wasn't staying in the charging hole. The Resurgence has a better hole, in a better place, and isn't flimsy in any way, shape or form. It also has a little lip all around the screen so if it was dropped, it still has a little of a buffer area to hit before the screen would hit the floor itself. I like it a lot. I haven't really needed it too much since the summer is over and I'm not playing on the phone all day at the pool or beach. But it will definitely come in handy because no iPhone has a spectacular battery life.,default,pg.html

The other thing I also got for my new phone is the Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. I had just the clear papery-plastic thing that everyone uses. But it had so many bubbles, it was gross, and it certainly didn't feel like it would do anything special to keep the phone safe. Just from scratches it would help, but nothing else. I feel like this is much better. And no bubbles- thanks to the staff at Radio Shack in Garden State Plaza who applied it for me.

Next find:

Crystal Light liquid. If you already are a Crystal Light fan, these are THE BEST. I normally have those single serve pouch things in every bag I own. I never go anywhere without my "pink" water bottle. Just ask Cohen. The problem with the pouches though is that you have to have a 16.9oz bottle of water. Sometimes being out and about, that isn't an option. Or if you use your one pouch and you don't have any more, you're screwed. With these little squeeze bottles of liquid, you do it "to taste". Any amount of water, any amount of CL liquid. I would go to the pool this summer and just keep refilling water at the water fountain and then add my liquid. It definitely was more economical than going through a bunch of pouches. And I didn't have a limit because of how many I remembered (or didn't) to bring with me.

Sure, I guess I could drink regular water, but I know me and I'm not going to drink plain water. I'm also drinking more now that I have this. It's zero calories. I don't know why regular CL is five calories and this is none, but I'll take it. You can find it in CVS and in the supermarkets.

Last but not least- I know I write about Pack It bags sometimes because I love them. This isn't exactly a *new* find but a *New & Improved* find. Pack It bags are now coming with an inner zipper. I just bought E a new snack bag (as his lunch bag). He doesn't need the full size bag so I use the snack bag for him. The new inner zipper keeps everything cooler much longer. They also have new designs. They're cute and functional.

So that's what I have for you today. Enjoy! I'm going to get my other find- the "Tall Iced, Skinny Vanilla Latte" from Starbucks down the street.

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