Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Keratin & Cupcakes

I love Groupon. There is always some local deal that's something I need or want. This time it was keratin. Like a whole process keratin. The kind that is normally like upwards of $250 for my length hair. I also needed a certain kind. I wanted Lasio because you only need to keep it straight for twenty four hours and then you can wash. Finding that is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I found one. In Cedar Grove, which is nowhere near me. Bellatair Salon. They'd had this Groupon out for at least a year when I was looking at it. It's $99. I didn't pull the trigger for months because I didn't know why it was so cheap, it's far from me, and the process itself takes a long time to do, especially on long hair so I didn't want to commit. But, then, I got a credit from Groupon for somewhere I had a voucher for a kid's play place that went out of business AND it was one of those weekends they were doing 15% off any deal. So it would only cost me $64. For $64 I could try this place out.

I went the other day. It was a perfect storm of errors trying to get an appointment in there, but really, I'm not even going to talk about that. It was what it was. End story- I got in and I got the treatment done. And it was WELL worth it. I'd had Don do it at Salon Azano when E was just a few months old. I remember this because my mom was still alive and watched him. It was awesome then and it is awesome now. Don has had that Lasio twenty-four hour treatment for a REALLY long time- I think he was one of the first, but there are other places that still do that three day, no wash thing. No way could I not tuck my hair behind my ears or put it up for three whole days. I go on the treadmill daily!

I couldn't afford the regular price or I'd have gone to Don. My first choice is always Don. But my hair also doesn't really SCREAM for keratin. It helps but I don't necessarily "need" it. My hair is long, but it's thin-ish. I just have a lot of it. It has a slight wave, the wave is ugly and it's really frizzy. It dries quickly, or quick enough- five to ten minutes with a hair dryer even though it goes down to my back bra strap. But the frizz. I could never just wash and go. I need a flat iron. I'm not even crazy about it- about having pin straight hair. I just take a few swipes through the hair around my face to get rid of the frizz.

After this treatment, my hair is like silk. SILK. I highly recommend. Just  make sure to ask any salon you go to what kind of treatment they use, ask for Lasio, and ask for twenty-four hour. For my long hair it took about two hours from start to finish. For shorter hair it would take less time.

547 Pompton Avenue
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Tel: 973.239.8636

While I was in this salon, the owner got me cupcakes from next door. Baked in a cup. I'd tried the one in Ramsey when they FIRST opened but hadn't been back. I was brought Key Lime, Red Velvet, and vanilla. Then when I went in there after, I bought a Smores. They were all really great. Everyone knows how obsessed with cake I am. I just wrote about House of Cupcakes. But Baked in a Cup is definitely worth a mention, especially in an area I'm unfamiliar with. It's right next door to Bellatair in Cedar Grove.

The cake is moist and the frosting is amazing. it's not super sugary sweet. I love sweet but I hate Magnolia. I feel like the cake is crumbly and the frosting might as well be a creamy Fun Dip package. It almost makes your teeth hurt. But this frosting at Baked in a Cup tastes really fresh and not so processed.

It's family owned- you'll catch both wife and husband (Joanne & Edwin Medina) and maybe their kids in there too. I like to support small, family run businesses. This is no exception. I met both Joanne & Edwin and Joann gave me my Smores cupcake for free. I was prepared to purchase but she just wanted me to try it on her. She believes in her product and now, so do I. It's the same store/menu as Ramsey, but it's different owners. There is a seasonal menu so they change it every few months. They also do all kinds of theme cakes. They do kid birthday parties. People are always asking me for cake recommendations. If I lived in that area, I'd definitely go to them.

They are currently investigating and gauging interest in doing gluten free and vegan recipes.

549 Pompton AveEmail:
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Contact: 973-655-0011

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