Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cup Full of Cake

Cover photo on their website

I heard it was going to rain Saturday. In a way I was kind of relieved because as soon as summer officially starts, which to me, means the town pool is open, all else stops. Errands don't get done, nothing gets done. E starts his new dance class this week and I needed "dance sneakers". I went into a local dance supply place last week just to quickly check out what these dance sneakers even look like and the approximate price. I was planning on buying them there but I had to find out how much they were and I had to check back with the dance school to make sure that's what he needed for class. I also didn't know where this store was but I saw it from a distance after I'd just gone food shopping. I had a car full of frozen food on a 90+ degree day. I literally was just running in, checking info and running out before my food melted. The girl was such a biotch, that I don't care if I had to drive to another continent, I decided they weren't getting my money. But that whole scene is another story entirely. Point is, later, I remembered I had just seen a coupon for Capezio in last year's Kidstuff book. In Wayne (NJ). It's a bit out of my way, but for 15% off and most definitely the shoe I need, I took the trip.

Capezio is in a bustling shopping center on Rt 23 South in Wayne. I don't know that area AT ALL. Luckily I have GPS and made it there. The first thing I saw when I pulled in was not Capezio, but House of Cupcakes. Well, well. Now we're talking. Nevermind shoes. I needed to go THERE. Ok, I needed to get shoes too but I told E we were going into the cupcake place next. All he cared about was the Chuck E Cheese *he* saw. I told him that was never happening so he should be happy with cupcakes.

We zipped in and out of Capezio. Even with the discount I think I paid more than I would have somewhere else. But they were nice, helpful, and the end result was that I got shoes. Plus, dance shoes are apparently not like street shoes. I didn't have this problem with tap or ballet shoes but these sneaks were like dealing with another universe in terms of size. He wears a 12.5 street shoe for the most part. I had to get a 1.5 YOUTH. I could have never guessed that and had I bought them online, I would have had to wait AND they would have been wrong. So my advice- don't try to buy dance shoes online. Go to the store. But where the salespeople are helpful and nice.

Back to the cakes: So, House of Cupcakes. They have other locations, which I did not know until I just looked them up. But their system is awesome, their cakes are FRESH and moist, and they have a lot of choices. All the cupcake flavors are numbered, you can grab an order form and even for just a few, circle/check the numbers, and you get what you asked for. I ordered some "mini" ones so I could try more than one flavor. But they aren't as mini as, let's say, Crumbs. At HOC, they are also "Buy 5, get 1 free". I got six mini cakes for eight dollars and change. I didn't think that was bad at all.

I've had both good and bad cake. With A La Cupcakes gone from Glen Rock, I've said, I've been left with a huge void for great cupcakes. I now just go with a kokash from Zadies when I have to bring dessert to someone's house. The kokash is great, but sometimes I want some variety. Or at least the option. E had the one that looks like a Hostess cupcake and loved it. I had the strawberry shortcake (of course), the Hostess looking one, and the Oreo one and they were all amazing. The strawberry one had strawberry jam in the middle, the Hostess had crème in the middle. I LOVE stuffed cupcakes, but I've never had stuffed minis before. I can't rave enough. So. Good. Worth the trip.

B is just anticipating me telling him that we will be driving to Wayne just for baked goods. Because that's how I roll...traveling for desserts.

I still have a Snickers one left to try out. I have a strong feeling I won't be disappointed.

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