Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lancome Star

I usually don't buy make-up from a counter in a department store. Make-up is not really my thing. The regular drugstore brands usually suffice. Except for a few select items. I use Lancôme liquid eye liner, powder blush, the pencil eye liner when I don't feel like using liquid and I love their face and eye crèmes. They're on the pricier side but I don't really need to purchase that often so I can justify it. I've also tried other liquid eyeliners, other blush, and other pencils and they're just not the same. Some things you just need to go to the counter for!

I only go to Bloomingdale's to buy my Lancôme stuff and that's because of Suzanne Zisfein. She's my consultant there. I know if I go there, I should expect to be there awhile, but that's because she's fun. She is always smiling, always ready to help, and has a good story.

I tend not to buy from counters because I always feel like I'm getting the hard sell. I don't like that. I'm in sales, I know sales, I own a small business that depends on sales. But no one wants to feel like they're just a dollar sign to the person behind the counter. That's why I love my hairdresser. He understands my budget and he doesn't push items on me that I don't need. Same with Suzanne. She'll show me what's there or what's new, let me know about a gift promotion, and remind me to do pre-sale, but she doesn't push product on me that she knows I don't need, don't want, and/or can't afford.

You also want to buy make-up from someone who looks good themselves. She always has her make-up done impeccably, her skin is really pretty, and she always looks put together. It makes you feel good doing your purchase there. Like she knows what she's talking about. She talked me out of one crème that was wasn't really for me and found me one that was definitely more suited to my skin type.

It's hard to find sales people you trust, especially when it comes to women's vanity. I highly recommend going to see Suzanne for all your Lancôme make-up needs. Whether you buy a boatload of make-up and skincare products or not, you're going to enjoy your experience! Even my five year old son asks to go see her when we go to The Shops at Riverside (or Riverside Square for us old-timers).

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  1. I go to Suzanne all the time! She is wonderful! Honest, knowledgeable, talented and beautiful. She gives me those smokey eyes I love and makes my daughter, who is usually in tow, feel like a princess! Now if I drive pass the mall, ,my daughter asks if we can stop by Bloomingdales to visit Suzanne!