Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gift Me

Isn't is great when you need something and can just easily fill that need? To me, who has little time to mess around, it's the best feeling in the world. Knowing I don't even need a car to get what I want. What am I talking about? Shopping, of course.

But I didn't do it online. I did it in a brick & mortar store. It was quick, painless, and exactly what I was looking for. Imagine that.

I realized I needed a birthday gift for a treasured friend who is like family. I wanted something unique, within my budget, and pretty. This person is a has-everything-doesn't-really-need-anything-but-loves-pretty-things kind of woman. I didn't have any idea of exactly what I was looking for- I just really needed to browse and let it hit me. It was finally a nice day so I got to work, put my stuff down, and took a walk to Verdi Blu on Rock Road in Glen Rock.

I'd been in there previously, but really just to look around. Since I wasn't in the market to purchase anything at the time, I didn't REALLY look. Just superficially walked around, checked some prices and left. Today I really examined because I was trying to find the perfect item(s).

And I did find them!

Lori immediately greeted me when I walked in, asked if I needed help, and was very friendly. I didn't need help, I told her, and she was cool. She totally backed off. No hard sell. I was able to just roam around, pick things up, and get my bearings. They have a lot of really great stuff for all price points. And stuff I didn't know existed- like one of the items I ended up buying. It's a pad with a full item checklist of anything you could possibly need if you're going away on a trip. I don't go anywhere now. But I used to travel for work. And even when I did travel for pleasure, I'd inevitably forget something. Something important like my toothbrush, hair products, shoes, you name it. This list is organized by category, leaves nothing out, and would've been great for me any time I went away. The person I bought it for travels a decent amount and is going away again sometime soon. So it was the perfect personal small add-on kind of gift.

They also sell really pretty light spring/summer scarves in various colors. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is nice too. I don't really wear scarves because it just doesn't work with my generally unshowered, roll out of bed kind of look that I exhibit on the daily, but in my mind, I'd be a scarf girl if I had better time management. The woman I bought one for is totally put together looking and looks great in scarves. And Verdi Blu also just had her color. It made for a very easy purchase.

There was also a lot of very interesting jewelry, some clothing, some housewares, knick-knacks, handbags, books, and more. It's a very eclectic mix so that there is something for everyone. I don't think anyone, including teens, would be priced out of getting something- especially for Mothers Day. What I liked is that it looks high-end in there but there is a real range of styles and prices. No hard set demographic.

I was done shopping in maybe ten minutes? Everything was easily accessible to see and touch. I can make a quick decision and this was no different. I know what I like. It's really great to have them in the downtown. I'm usually at work down the street from them and it was so nice not to have to drive into Ridgewood just to get a terrific gift that wasn't just grabbing something because it's there and I was out of time.

Good luck to you Verdi Blu! Hope you stick around a long time.

Verdi Blue
227 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452
(201) 857-4330

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