Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where For Art Thou Ricky?!

Where is Ricky? "Richardo O'Gorman", you have like a two hundred mom-mob searching, desperately, for you to cut their kids hair.

Ricky worked at Rita's Snips for Pips in Ridgewood. He is really good with all the kids and I'll go out on a limb and say he was pretty much the favorite in Bergen County for kids cuts.

I'll be honest- I stopped going to Ricky for two reasons- one, Rita's is ridiculously expensive and Ricky was so precise with his haircutting that a haircut for a boy would take 30-45 minutes. My son's hair, while important to have a good stylin' cut, did not need that amount of attention. The cost- not his fault. The time...well, whatever. I just don't have that kind of time. Not when my son needs a haircut every 4-6 weeks.

BUT, my kid never had a problem sitting for a haircut. He likes it. No sensory issues, no haircut fear, nothing. For kids who have issues getting their haircut, apparently, Ricky is a god-send. He is careful, patient, engages the kids, has a special key chain with a million things on it to get their attention off their haircut, and I've never seen a kid cry while in Ricky's care.

There are hundreds of moms, literally, FREAKING OUT, that Ricky is gone from Rita's and nowhere to be found. It's become the Where's Waldo? of kid-cutting. "WHERE'S RICKY?"

Moms are stalking his extracurricular activities to find him and won't stop till they do. He's been found on Twitter but by the looks of his account, he's not much of a social media fiend. For anyone interested though, his Twitter handle is Dagudlif3

They're coming for you Ricky! With all these clients, you can open your own place. You're just going to have to cut down the time on those haircuts or you'll be working 24 hour days.

If anyone has any information on Ricky's whereabouts, please put the information in my comments section below. Or the next step is putting Ricky's picture on a milk carton.

They want YOU Ricky and ONLY you. Once they find you, you will have customers for life. Even if you have to cut hair at your kitchen table. Maybe you should look into purchasing one of those plane chairs. And a DVD player. They need the DVD player. Just FYI...


Update: THERE IS NONE. People are still looking for Ricky and I have no answers. And Elle Hall- I can't find you on FB- you're like, on lockdown- so find me in case there is an update.

PLEASE PASS THIS ENTRY ON so the moms looking for Ricky can get some PEACE!

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