Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Downtown Cool

People in Glen Rock are always ruminating on what to do about the downtown, how to get more cool shops, how to keep current tenants and how to revitalize.

Well, two new shops opened so I want to make the announcement here- It's good stuff so shop local!

The two new places opened near each other on Rock Road. One is Verdi Blu (227 Rock Rd), which had been selling only online prior and has now opened a brick & mortar location. The other is The Curious Reader. Verdi Blue seems to have had a great online following so hopefully people will support them being in a store location and The Curious Reader looks like an awesome place to take kids for a fun reading experience. It's not "just a bookstore". It's a bookstore and a reading nook.

"Like" them both on Facebook too- I posted their FB page links under the descriptions.
I pulled some info off their websites-

Verdi Blu is the culmination of years of collecting. Collecting inspirations, experiences and great products. As a mom with three fabulous daughters and one amazing son, I knew it was time to put it all together.  Verdi Blu was launched in October 2012 and continues to tap into the design, style talents & inspiration from all four (now grown) children. 

The Verdi Blu style is classic American and influenced by many style icons like Ralph Lauren, Lily Pulitzer, Jackie Kennedy Onassis & Katherine Hepburn. While we may seem a little preppy, we also add that modern touch. Never pretentious and always about looking great while feeling great in what you are wearing.

Our love of great fabrics, textures, and details are evident and most especially you will notice our love of color (especially Greens and Blues) Verdi Blu is a collection of carefully chosen products for you and your home. We are always looking for products that will give you the most style and best quality for the best price. Whenever possible we look for designers that design and produce in the USA and when we see other great products that aren't, we assure that they use responsible manufacturers abroad. We strongly believe in giving back to the community. 


Live, Laugh, Love... ​

It’s that easy. Take a moment and be thankful. Laugh whenever you can. Live your life joyfully. Love everyone in your life.  And always pay it forward!

I hope you enjoy Verdi Blu,

Feel free to contact me at lori@verdiblu.com


The Curious Reader’s goal is to provide the community with a specialty bookstore designed for children. It is focused on supplying books that will inspire curiosity in children and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. We understand that reading should bring pleasure as well as enlightenment, and the extensive range of our hand selected inventory will feature the following sections:
  • Board books designed to stimulate infants and toddlers with indestructible volumes ranging from innovative to comforting to cheeky
  • Picture books that spotlight beautifully illustrated stories meant to be read by parents with their children
  • Easy readers and chapter books to encourage reading for pleasure at a crucial early age Activity & art books to inspire creative expression
  • Fairy tales, graphic novels, poetry and short story collections to present different styles of storytelling to stimulate young imaginations
  • Beloved classics of children’s literature
  • Young Adult literature’s freshest voices and most popular titles
  • Nonfiction books on history, the sciences, sports etc.
  • A selection of the best parenting skills books suggested by local professionals
An important feature is our separate library of titles arranged by the guided reading system used by many area schools to teach reading as a foundational skill. A selection of fiction and nonfiction titles in each level from A to Z is clearly displayed on dedicated shelves, making finding just the right book easy for parents and teachers.

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