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I was up late as usual on November 13 and was also, of course, on Facebook. This whole paragraph about an "incident" at a new Wyckoff boutique came up in my newsfeed because someone I'm friended to is a fan of the boutique's FB page. The story was something about a sweatshirt in the window causing a whole scandal in that town. Now, me being...well, me, I was all interested and needed to know what's going on. I start investigating further.

Turns out the sweatshirt said "Shit Happens". And it was in the window. Sounds like someone, a woman, took a cell phone photo of it, and went nuts with it. Went to the Chamber of Commerce, then the POLICE. The POLICE. Over "Shit Happens" on a shirt. I felt the need to be involved. So I publicly supported the owner on her FB page and told her that I never heard of her place but now I can't wait to come in. And not to worry about the haters. That for any pearl-clutchers she may have lost, she'll gain double the new, cooler people. That I'd be in to check out her place after E's dance class the next day. 

The owner is Christina and it turns out her store is actually IN the same building as Wyckoff School of Dance. It's right in the front of the building, whereas the dance school is in the back. Christina said she just got her sign even though she's been open almost five months. Permits. I know ALL about that stuff. Her sign is huge & red now, but if you were just going to the dance school, and coming from the Boulder Run/Dairy Queen side, you might miss it. There's that huge sign that juts out that has the names of all the businesses in that building, blocking view of the front as you come up Franklin. But you can see it if you're coming down Franklin from the other side. 

After E's dance class on Saturday morning, I had time to kill so we walked around to the front to check out the store. She opens at 11a, so that was convenient. It's a decent sized store with a good amount of inventory. She has really cool, fun and funky costume jewelry and some more expensive pieces. I prefer the costume stuff personally. Evil eye bracelets, rings, sparkly stuff. Perfect for tweens, teens and me. There aren't many boutiques for trendy, edgy stuff in the area. There aren't any in Glen Rock, no others I know of in the immediate area. Nothing like this kind of stuff. Yes there are boutiques, and places that sell clothing and accessories, but not like this. I'd say the closest are a two I can think of in Ridgewood. I don't think there are any others in Wyckoff. At least I haven't seen or been told of any. Androgyny is definitely a welcome addition. 

I like that it's more of a one-of-a-kind type place. I don't know the labels on her merchandise but it is definitely of the more unique variety. Every third person isn't wearing the same shirt you bought there. She also has a vintage video game machine. E played Pac Man there for the first time ever. He also liked the old-school game machine. He recognized what it was from Wreck It Ralph. 

Christina is really nice, friendly and she looks trendy. The kind of girl you expect to see as the owner. In her 20's and edgy. She isn't pretentious and she was happy to chat and make us feel welcome. A minivan of teens with a mom chaperone came in while I was there and I was happy to see it. I own a small business too and I know how hard it is to carve out your niche. And it can't be easy when people are trying to take you down for a "Shit Happens" sweatshirt displayed. She wasn't even fighting it. The person didn't come in and ask her to take it down. The offended party just immediately went to the police, the Chamber and social media. It sounded like a witch hunt to me. Before Facebook and Instagram, if you had a problem, you had to actually take it up with someone personally. Now, you don't like something, you just go on the attack with social media and your complaints get traction. Well, sometimes that works for good- like in discrimination cases. And sometimes it works for evil. Like when someone gets their panties in a bunch about a curse word and tries to ruin someone's new small business. Come on. Give the girl a chance! 

So check out Androgyny in Wyckoff. Especially now, for gifts. If you have tweens and teens and have no idea what to get them, pick up some unique, blingy jewelry or maybe she has gift certificates. I saw some fun scarves, sweatshirts, T's, etc. 

291 Franklin AveWyckoffNJ 07481
(201) 485-8577
  • Hours: Monday 11am-4pm, Tuesday-Friday, 11am-7pm; Saturday 11am-6pm
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