Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I want to win!

I want to win for E. I SO want to take him to see Annie. He has LOVED that movie since he was two years old. Every time we go down to Long Branch in the summer he wants to "go to Annie's house!". For anyone that doesn't know, "Annie's house" or the Daddy Warbucks house, is actually a building on the Monmouth University campus.

This Back to School contest sponsored by Parent Guide News is giving away Broadway tickets or $200 to Staples. He could use either one!

You can vote once a day and we'd be so appreciative if you would!


It's under "Ethan K" and this is the photo:

There is also a birthday party contest I entered on there and I didn't know you have to vote for that too! There is no photo and it's under "Ethan K- Powerhouse Studios". Same rules- One vote per day, til Nov 1. I have to hustle- if I need to win a contest for tix or a birthday party, I'm all about it! Thanks for your help!


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