Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dining Out Magazine & Autism Speaks

Outside the GRI 2012
Last Friday we attended another event benefiting Autism Speaks & The Art of Autism. This time it was sponsored by Dining Out Magazine NJ & The Robinson Network. It was at Son Cubano in West New York. We were invited by Robyn Levy, the owner/publisher of Dining Out. B met her in the summer of 2012. She was sitting outside the Glen Rock Inn, eating dinner with Rosie Pierri from RHONJ (Teresa's cousin/Kathy's sister) her wife & her sister. B was walking in town with E, saw them and instantly recognized Rosie. He got all the way home and said to E that they had to go back because "Mommy will be mad if I don't get a picture of Rosie". He was right. So he went back, sheepishly introduced himself, and got the photo. He texted me- I'm at the Glen Rock Inn, Rosie is here with a bunch of hot chicks and I got a picture of E with Rosie. They graciously talked to B through their meal. He became friendly with Robyn. Ever since, she's invited us to her events.

Heather Robinson & Robyn Levy
We'd never been to Son Cubano but it was a really cool place- inside and out. When we lived closer to there, we were down that way all the time. But it's been awhile. We didn't know it was so built up over there. I also didn't know that is West New York over there. Always thought it was Edgewater. The restaurant is right on the water with spectacular views, valet parking, and it's just really...clean...over there. I don't know how else to describe it. Just very new looking. Not that I thought it would be different but I was just struck by the feeling of new-ness. It was a little odd that as people are dressed up and surrounded by expensive convertible cars valeted out front there are people who live there walking or jogging by in their workout clothes but I guess it's that way in Hoboken too.

The event was invitation only and there was no set ticket price or donation. You were able to give whatever you were comfortable with. Then for your money, you got raffle tickets for a money drawing sometime during the night. There was a really cool photo booth that was donated by Adam Saber Entertainment. I've never seen anything like it. I know there are all kinds of party photo booths but this was the easiest one yet. You punch your email address in first and it sends the strip of pics to your email! And you get the actual strip right there also. I just thought the email aspect was really cool and unique.

Christina, her hair, Austin & Robyn
The food at Son Cubano was really good. They had passed hot hors oeuvres- chicken skewers, meatballs, Cuban sandwich, empanadas, coconut shrimp egg roll, and some I didn't try. I chased around the servers most of the time I was there. It was open bar too which is always nice. We were at Robyn's charitable event in October of last year too. She knows how to throw a party. I do have to admit that both B and I were both obsessed with & distracted by Robyn's wife Christina's hair to notice a lot of what was going on around us. We decided it's the most beautiful hair we've ever seen. We also got to meet Robyn's beautiful sister Cari and her friendly dad Steve, who B insisted was Joey Pants's twin.

On a serious note, we were there to raise money for Autism. There was a young man there, Austin, that Robyn had met awhile ago, who has Autism & touched her heart. He got up, introduced himself and gave a short speech. It was a very moving moment. He does beautiful drawings you can see in the gallery of The Art of Autism page on FB. & BC Mag both covered the event and there are photos on both websites.

Thanks for inviting us Robyn- it's always a fun party for a great cause! (where Austin's art is shown)

Levy Family

"Joey Pants" & B


  1. Hello! Thank you for promoting The Art of Autism. There are, however, a few other Art of Autism. I just wanted to tell you that our Facebook page is Thank you again for your kind words. for our full gallery

  2. Hello! Thank you for promoting The Art of Autism. There are however a few other Art of Autism. I just wanted to let you know that our Facebook page is Thank you again for your kind words! for our full gallery.

  3. Sorry for the error! Tomorrow when I'm on an actual computer and not my phone I will add your FB page to the body of the entry! I didn't realize there was more than one. :-)