Monday, November 5, 2012

Ridgewood Y powered & OPEN

Good news is the YMCA is up.
As our doors at the Ridgewood Y have reopened, we'd like to invite our neighbors and community members who are still without power to come into the Y to warm up, take a shower, have a coffee, charge your cell phones, access our wifi, or get some exercise in one of our fitness centers or heated pools. No need for a Y membership - this invite is open to all. We're here as long as you need us. Please...
feel free to share this with friends or neighbors in need.

Today's Schedule
We are holding classes today; however, please be aware that the pools are still heating and may be a bit cooler than usual. If we need to cancel any swim classes today due to the pool temperature, we will post that info at Please check the link or call us at 201.444.5600 before coming in for your swim class today.

Makeup Classes
With regards to missed classes, we'd like to let everyone know that due to the extended time we were closed, we will be offering makeups for classes missed last week. To schedule a makeup class, please contact the appropriate program director (contact details below). All makeup classes must be booked in advance (please, no drop-ins) and must be taken during the current session (running through December 30th). Below is a list of contacts for scheduling makeups:

Janet Oliver - ext 304 or email
Job Pama - ext 392 or email

Youth Sports
Mike Rainiere - ext 339 or email
John Duke - ext 337 or email

Health and Fitness
Carol Livingstone - ext 330 or email

Family Life
John Duke - ext 337 or email

We'd like to once again welcome everyone back to the the Y. We're glad to be back!

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