Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear America by R.Heitmann

I can't find where this letter came from but it brought tears to my eyes. If anyone has the source- let me know. I saw it on FB but just copied & pasted. I thought I should pass it on! And if anyone has resources for people, places to drop stuff off, etc, just post in the comments here or in the comments section on FB on my blog page!

 Dear America,

We are the REAL New Jersey. We are NOT the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore or Jerseylicious or the "Real Housewives" of New Jersey. We are hard-working people who happen to live in a beautiful state that is often the butt of biased comedians' jokes. But that is because they don't know us; they only know the stereotyped Jerseyite.

We are educated. We are resilient. We take great pride in our state. Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were immigrants who worked in refineries, docks and train stations. We are the sons and daughters of blue collar workers that allowed (by hard work , sacrifice, and sweat) New York City's economic development to occur. We are the grandchildren and children of police officers, teachers, railroad workers and firefighters.
We also take amazing pride in our homes. Why? Because we have worked many jobs to afford them in a state that is very expensive to live in due to our resources. You see, others save up to visit here; we have to work that much harder to live here. Yet, we relish our mountains, we enjoy being near forests and streams, and our New Jersey Coastline is the most amazing natural site. Though a cliché, our backyards are the vacation spots for other people. From Keansburg Amusement Park to Atlantic City, we offer a plethora of experiences enhanced by the majestic and natural beauty of our beaches and the friendly demeanor of our people.

And when our backs are up against the wall, we will come together and work toward a common goal. So pray for us, assist us if you feel inclined to with donations….and then WATCH US as we get through this difficult challenge victoriously, We will be ready to serve frozen custard, funnel cake and salt water taffy with the sounds of: the Seaside Park Roller Coaster, Atlantic City Casino's, Bon Jovi playing at Asbury Park, screams from Runaway Rapids in Keansburg, horse and buggy rides in Cape May, the yelling kids on the Himalaya at Point Pleasant or the sound of Jetskis roaring off the water in Sandy Hook and Belmar in the background.

We are New Jersey…and we will get through this with our diligence and the Grace of God.

~ R. Heitmann
November 1, 2012

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