Saturday, October 13, 2012

Preschool of Rock

These guys aren't really near me- not in Bergen County. But I've met the owner, Michael Napolitano and he's super cool and fun. I approached him at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival in the Spring because with the name "preschool", I assumed he did drop-off classes. He doesn't- not yet anyway. He said he did but with kids who had never been in school, it was too chaotic. I told him he should make a rule that any kid enrolled in a drop-off class had to have at least one year of preschool under their belt. But I haven't been able to convince him yet. Well, that and he's too far from me still. BUT- he told me they just came out with a new CD- It is called Everything Makes a Sound. The title track is using no musical instruments just stuff like a ball, and keys etc. I'm sure it's pretty good. He does funky stuff like drum circles. E was attracted to what he was doing right away when he saw their booth in Hoboken.

I just saw this flyer of theirs on FB so I figured I'd share for anyone in the area of this event- so if you're near "Mountainside, NJ", check it out! The whole event looks pretty fun!

Preschool of Rock website:

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