Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wanna Go Below Deck?

So, this woman who casts for the show Below Deck called me yesterday. She thought I might want to travel around the Caribbean on a yacht with five to eight friends for a once in a lifetime trip. She wasn't aware that I don't want to go anywhere. Or that I can't go anywhere. Aside from the Jersey shore. Below Deck sounds lovely but it's just not feasible for me to leave my kid, husband and store to cruise. I think my reality tv days ended after Blind Date. How can I top that anyway? Unless someone wants to do a reality show about Shades Of Soho.

B asked how she found me. I think I forgot to ask that. Or if I did ask, I forgot the answer. #Old

He says I always forget to ask the important stuff. Oh well. I told her I might know people who want to do this. Stein- I'm looking at you. This sounds right up your alley. I'm sure they have a gym on this yacht. DiRese, maybe? Heller? Someone? Bueller?

I told her I'd post the casting call for this though- in case it's something you want to do. #OnceInALifetime

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