Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Vote! 2017 Readers' Choice: Bergen Health & Life

Oh how this voting stuff sneaks up on me. We need your help. If you could just throw us a vote for 2017 Reader's Choice Awards for Bergen Health & Life Magazine. That's the one that has Bergenfest in September.

Winning just gives us some free advertising and a pat on the back for doing what we do. So we'd really appreciate your help.

As usual there is no lighting category. So if you scroll down the bottom, there is a "Home & Personal Services" category, where you can put Shades of Soho in under Interior Design. But really, what we need you to do is write us in. You get three "write in" votes for any category. So you can do Shades of Soho for Lighting. I used all three of mine for us- in Lighting, Lighting Restoration, and Lampshades. But that's up to you. You might have another write in you want to do. The most important for us is for the Lighting category that doesn't exist. But, like I said, feel free to put us in for interior design in the Home & Personal Services section.

We need your help with voting. It just takes a minute and you don't have to fill the whole thing out. We appreciate it! And vote for your other hometown favorites also- for small businesses, this kind of thing can give a great boost.


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