Monday, August 8, 2016

Down There and Up Here

I don't know if I've ever discussed my obsession with Sky (brand) clothing in here. Probably because I want it all for myself. It's a brand out of California. I first saw and loved it on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Then the Real Housewives of New Jersey adopted it. Many of the Sky fabrics and styles just work for my body type. Once Arden B. went a little too club-trendy, and then out of business, I was out of luck. Sky is definitely higher end. I could never afford to buy much of it at full retail price, but watch out if I find it on a sale rack. It's just REALLY hard to find here.

Sky brand is carried in boutiques mostly. Most of these boutiques are small and don't have a lot of inventory to begin with. Then with the Sky stuff, they only seem to have a few pieces. In my experience, the dresses are scarce.

It was going to be a rainy Sunday, a day we'd normally be on the beach. I still wanted to go down to Red Bank because Cupcake Magician's hours on Sunday don't gel with my tanning/beach schedule. They open at 11a and close by 4p. I'd never make it on a beach day. I also wanted to hit up Double Take (consignment) because last year around this time, I found a great Sky dress for sale at the one in Ridgewood.

We went down the shore area we always go to and I got my cupcakes. Had no luck at Double Take, so I started looking up stores that carry Sky. I found a few places- Shrewsbury, Long Branch and Asbury park. I went to Shrewsbury and Long Branch and had no luck. One place carried some Sky but nothing I wanted and the other had nothing. We weren't going to go to Asbury because it was out of the way and rainy. My cousin said they were still there eating brunch and it wasn't raining there. So we thought we'd just go there if it was the only place we weren't going to get soaked.

We had last been in Asbury on the day of the PRIDE parade. Some of the stores were closed. We walked by Fetish on Cookman Ave and it was closed. Honestly, I didn't look in- I thought it was a sex store.

This time though, that was my destination. I looked on the ShopSky website ( and it says their stuff is sold at Fetish. So to Fetish I was going. I walked in and JACKPOT. A decent amount of Sky. A rack of dresses and then some stuff sprinkled on other racks. There were two dresses I was interested in. Neither were really my size, but I thought I would try both on and see which size could fit. I put the first one on and it was made for me. It was just SO me. AND, it was on sale. That was the whole point- I was looking for Sky on sale and here it was, just waiting for me. In regards to shopping, and loving "gowns" like I do, it often works in my favor having an August birthday. Maxi dresses are considered "summer" here, so I can usually get something on sale. The stores are already geared up for fall.

The staff at Fetish was lovely. I only could find one business card with one person's name on it- Sarah. She was very helpful and so was the other girl who was working with her that day. (Sorry I didn't take better notes). I will TOTALLY go back there. They have a lot of "goth" type stuff, but somehow they have Sky there too and it works.

644 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Then, this past week was also the Ridgewood Sidewalk Sale. I always try to go so I might try to get E some new sneakers for school, at Ridgewood Bootery. Or get my Nike Air Pegasus for me at a running store there. Both of which, I did happen to score this time. I had a little time for once, because I took of that day, so I thought I'd peruse the whole street. I walked all the way up from Ridgewood Bootery towards the train station. On the left side after Ridgewood Coffee, there is a new-ish boutique called Gigi's Boutique.

I say it's "new" but it's actually been there for a year and a half. I guess I haven't been in Ridgewood, just walking around in a long time. Or if I was, it wasn't up that far. I go to the Ridgewood shopping district way less ever since Gymboree closed. That was my go-to place for gifts or for something quick for E. So I found Gigi's after I did some walking. It is next to a bridal shop that moved somewhere else.

It's really nice in there. They have a larger selection than quite a few of the boutiques I'd gone into on my dress-quest. She had a decent amount of Sky tops and I wanted all of them. I was annoyed that Sky didn't have Gigi's in their store locator search on their site. While there were no dresses that I saw there, I was able to see the tops to determine what kind of size I'd want in that brand. There were other really nice things in there too. I saw some tied dyed active wear that was right up my alley. I met the owners, who are lovely and seem like they're very accommodating. I just felt like they probably go out of their way for their customers.

I wasn't really in shopping mode that day- I was in my bathing suit for the pool and I wanted to maximize my sun time. I wasn't trying anything on. Not without the proper bra. I was in and out of the boutique pretty quick, after chatting up the owners for a few minutes. Gigi's is definitely a nice addition to Ridgewood's downtown. I feel like I could find things in there that wouldn't look silly on someone in their 40's. There is something for everyone. There was a girl and her mom in there while I was there- the daughter had to be college age. So either they have something for everyone or I just don't know that I'm too old to shop in certain places.

Definitely stop in if you want something to go out to dinner with the girls in or for date night.

Gigi's Boutique
48 E.Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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