Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Boys Love Dance Too

E had an awesome time last year in hip hop dance class. He absolutely looks forward to going every single week. One week they were off because they go with the school vacation schedule of the town they're in, and I didn't realize it was spring break. We got there and E was SO bummed. That's how I know it was a great class. For ballet and tap (at a different studio), by his last (3rd) year, he wasn't into it anymore. He was bored. He asked not to go. But these classes now, these teachers, they are amazing and really make kids want to dance.

It's a really low key place, where it isn't a money grab, and they really care about your kids. They had their recital in June. The mother of one of the owners was in the hospital and he still made it to the recital. Their dedication is nothing like anything I've ever seen.

They're running a special- 10% off tuition if you sign up before August 26th. I just emailed my registration. They do payment plans where they just take the money out of your bank every month, which makes it a lot easier than handing over the whole chunk of money at once.

E's confidence has soared ever since realizing he can dance and dance well. I feel like he's super coordinated in other activities because of dance. It's also great exercise.

I just saw they have a Groupon going too for Drop-In classes.

Here is their website address- www.dancetcstudio.com, their fall schedule and their registration form. The email is dancetcstudio@gmail.com and the address is 7-15 Fair Lawn Ave, Fair Lawn NJ 07410

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