Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yani's Bake House

I took E to dance with only the intention to go home and lay on the couch when we got home. I was falling asleep while sitting in the waiting room of his dance class so I was trying to find something to focus on. BINGO. I saw a grand opening flyer for Yani's Bake House, a new local bakery in Fair Lawn. I'm always up to try baked goods. I Google-mapped it and it said it is one minute from the dance school. AND open until 7p. Ok, we were going as soon as E was done.

I made that left on to River Road from Fair Lawn Ave and it was like RIGHT there. On the right hand side. I didn't see what it was next to except a pet grooming place. E was trying to read the word "salon" while I was trying to park and then he was asking a million questions about why a dog would go to a salon.  It's small, so it isn't a place to sit and drink coffee. It's where you go to grab some stuff to hide in your house for you to eat alone.

I stopped in at around five o'clock so I don't know if they had other stuff earlier in the day. When I came in, there were vanilla/caramel cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, three different kinds of scones, thick chocolate chip cookies, some kind of caramel cake in mason jars, and my all time favorite- French macarons. Oh, and cream puff shells. They fill the shells as you buy so they don't get soggy. I was confused because I never had a soggy cream puff. HOWEVER, I also never had whatever was inside these either. I normally would never get a cream puff with custard inside. I'm a whipped cream kind of gal. I asked what the creme filling is in them and she said it's sort of a combination of whipped cream and custard. That did sound interesting so I got two of those too. I didn't have high hopes though because I usually don't like the filling unless it's just whipped cream.

Well, I tried a cream puff after dinner last night. I don't know what that was in there, but it wasn't overly thick so I can understand the whole soggy thing. But it was SO good. I would definitely get them again. I have one left and I'm not sharing.

E had the chocolate cupcake. It's not my thing - I have to be honest. I prefer much sweeter fare. But E and B LOVE this type of dark chocolate taste. I gave it to E, but after just tasting a little bit, I know B would've really enjoyed it too. I'm just not much of a chocolate cake person to begin with. I'm always going with the vanilla. I didn't get to eat my cupcake yet. I'll be doing that today. I did stick my finger in the frosting. I liked it a lot. I will only say I wish there was more frosting on them. I like a lot of frosting. I don't like to see any cake on the top. But that's just my personal preference.

I brought the French macarons to work today to enjoy with my coffee I decided to buy this morning on my way to work. I bought three. I know one was guava, one was nutella and I think the other one was peanut butter and chocolate. I would never have picked guava, but it was pink and it looked like strawberry or raspberry, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. They were ALL really good. Again, I'm not a big fan of chocolate so I liked that one the least, but for chocolate people, you'll love it. I actually liked the guava one the best! I thought I'd favor the nutella, so I surprised myself. I will definitely be back for those.

I didn't buy or try the scones but that's because I have it in my head that scones are hard. Crunchy. I prefer chewy baked goods over crunchy so it just didn't seem like it would be my thing. But they did look tempting. I don't know if I've ever really looked at one up close, but they actually looked like they'd be tasty. They just aren't something I'd normally think to eat. I tried a sample of whatever was in the mason jar and that was really good. E really enjoyed the sample as well.

So go check out Yani's Bake House if you get a moment. It's always nice to welcome a new small business owner to the area and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. They're very friendly in there and I'm sure they'll be happy to see you!

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